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No Matt Smith has only one sister called Laura Jayne Smith

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Q: Does Matt Smith have a younger brother?
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What is will smiths younger brother called?

harry smith

How many brothers did Bon Jovi have?

He has two. His brother Anthony is four years younger, and his brother Matt is twelve years younger.

Do Matt hardy have a brother?

Yes, Matt Hardy's younger brother is world famous wrestler and Matt's former tag team partner, Jeff Hardy.

Does Jaden Smith have a sister or a brother?

he has a sister and a brother the brother is older than him and the sister is younger

What is Avril lavigne's brother and sister caled?

Older brother, Matt, and younger sister, Michelle.

Does Matt Smith have a brother or sister?

Yes he has a sister called Laura Jayne Smith

Does Avril lavigne have a sister or brother?

yep. she has a older brother named Matt and hes a producer. and then she has a younger sister.

Does Avril Lavigne have sisters?

Her younger sister is called Michelle.She also has an older brother Matt.

Whoes younger Matt hardy or jeff hardy?

Matt is the elder brother and Jeff is the younger brother. They both have been a very successful tag-team in the WWE, winning multiple Tag Team Championships together. Individually also, Matt and Jeff have won many singles championships in the WWE

What is Matt Cassel's brother's name?

Kansas City Chief's quarterback Matt Cassel has two brothers. An older brother, Jack Cassel, who is a relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and a younger brother Justin Cassel, who is in the Chicago White Sox minor league system. He also has a younger sister, Amanda.

Does Will Smith have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Will Smith was the second of four children!! Yes, he has one younger brother and sister that are twins and an older sister. So, Will Smith has 1 brother and 2 sisters.

Who is ables younger brother?

Abel does not have a younger brother, he is infact the younger brother to Cain. Cain kills his younger brother, Abel.

Does Matt Smith smoke?

No, Matt Smith is not a smoker.

Is Matt Smith Scotish?

Matt Smith is English.

Who shot Matt Smith?

No one shot Matt Smith -- Matt Smith has never been shot.

What was Matt smith's ambition when he was younger?

He wanted to be a footballer, but after an accident with his knee/leg his teacher advised him to become an actor.

Who are Brad Walst's parents?

Lou and Carol Walst. His younger brother is Matt Walst, singer for My Darkest Days.

Does ti have a younger brother?

yes he has a younger brother

Who is the next Dr Who Matt Smith Matt lucus Matt alwright?

Matt Smith is the new Doctor.

Where does Matt Smith live?

Matt Smith lives in Northampton

Is Matt Smith straight?

yes Matt smith is straight! :)

Could you please make a sentence if I were younger brother?

If I were a younger brother I would get my way more often. If I were a younger brother I would envy my older brother. If I were a younger brother I would pester my sister. If I were a younger brother I would have a crush on my sister's friends. If I were a younger brother I would want to play with my brother's toys. If I were a younger brother I would not like hand-me-downs.

Younger brother in Japanese?

弟 (otouto) = younger brother

What does Jeff Hardy's hand sign mean?

it stands for version 2 because he is the younger brother of Matt (version 1)

Who is in Matt Smiths mum who is Matt Smith mum?

Julian Smith?