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Medicare Part B does not cover the shingles vaccine

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Q: Does Medicare provide coverage for the Zostavax Shingles vaccination for someone over 70, that had chicken pox and has fibromyalgia and 3 family members with shingles?
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What is a shingles vaccination?

Shingles vaccination is a vaccination that is for preventing the shingles . The vaccination is Zostavax, which is recommended for everyone after the age of 50. But you need to have the chicken poxs to get the shingles.

Is Zostavax Vaccien covered by medicare?

Yes. Zostavax is covered by Medicare Part D if you have a prescription.

Does Aetna cover shingles vaccine?

Aetna considers zoster vaccine (Zostavax) a medically necessary preventive service to reduce the risk of herpes zoster (shingles) in members 60 years of age and older. Aetna considers repeat (booster) zoster vaccination as experimental and investigational.

Where could one obtain a vaccine for shingles?

The name for the shingles vaccine is Zostavax. This vaccine can be received through a local pharmacy or hospital. There are locations all over the United States. Zostavax's website features a locator that allows users to find the addresses of the places nearest them that offer it.

Does Blue Cross of MI cover the Shingles vaccine?

Ask your insurance carrier. Zostavax is only available to people over 60 even if you have already had Shingles. If you are highly susceptible to repeated attacks, your Doctor will have to petition for an exception.

How can I tell if I have skin cancer?

Anyone who has had chickenpox may get shingles later in life. However, the FDA recently approved a vaccine, known as Zostavax, that may effect in health badly.

Does Tricare for Life cover The Shingles vaccine?

Does TRICARE pay for the shingles vaccine? Yes. As of October 19, 2007, Zostavax™, the vaccine that helps reduce the risk of getting shingles (herpes zoster) is reimbursable under TRICARE.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a single dose of the vaccine for adults age 60 or olderregardless of whether they report a prior episode of shingles (herpes zoster). For more information on the vaccine, please visit FDA's Questions & Answers on Zostavax™.TRICARE Prime Beneficiary:As long as you get your shingles vaccine from your primary care manager you won't be responsible for a deductible or copay.TRICARE Standard/Extra Beneficiary:You may get your shingles vaccine from any TRICARE-authorized provider (network or non-network) who is licensed to give the vaccine. Standard/Extra deductibles and cost shares apply.TRICARE For Life Beneficiary:Medicare covers the shingles vaccine under Medicare Part D. If you don't have Medicare Part D, TRICARE will be the primary payer for the vaccine. You may get the shingles vaccine from any TRICARE-authorized provider (network or non-network) who is licensed to give the vaccine. Standard/Extra deductibles and cost shares apply.NOTE: TRICARE won't pay for the shingles vaccine if it is given at a pharmacy or if your doctor writes you a prescription to buy the shingles vaccine and have it administered at his or her office. If you want TRICARE to cover the shingles vaccine, you must have the vaccine administered in your doctor's office.Please refer to for additional info.

Can you have zostavax if allergic to sulfa?


Are you contagious to anyone after receiving Zostavax?

· Zostavax is made up of a live but weakened strain of the herpes zoster virus. Mayo Clinic experts note that only very rarely will someone develop a shingles rash as a result of getting the vaccine and then transmit the virus to others. However, if a rash develops, it's important to remember that you cannot give others shingles, but rather, a case of chickenpox. If a shingles rash occurs, it's important to stay away from young children and pregnant women who may not have had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine, until the rash heals--usually between seven and 10 days.

Can shingles virus enter the ear?

Yes, unfortunately you can get it in your ear canal. Shingles[Herpes Zoster] wil cause blisters along nerve pathways, and I believe your tri-geminal nerve pathway is close to the ear, and also your eye. Don't be afraid to demand adequate pain medication. If you are over 60 and not currently infected, there is a vaccine called Zostavax which is supposed to reduce the risk of future out breaks. I have had Shingles and know how excruciatingly painful it can be. The vaccine makes me hopeful for newer better treatments. I had my Zostavax shot two weeks ago with no adverse effects so far. Good luck to you.

Is it dangerous to get shingles vaccine?

I would like to point out, that Zostavax can cause shingles. I was a healthy 64 year old male who received the Zostavax vaccine on 2/5/08. Ten days later, my doctor diagnosed me with "classic shingles". He put me on Valtrex for 7 days and 1 month later was still suffering with red spots on my (right) chest, severe pain in my right arm and shoulder, and severe itching. I notified Merck and my doctor also did! I read Merck's "double blind" studies, and nowhere does it simply say: this vaccine can cause you to contract shingles. I have all the documentation as well as pictures. Please caution anyone who wants to gamble with their health. I don't believe Merck is being as honest as they should regarding the safety of this vaccine.

Why can you get a flu shot and shingles shot at the same time?

Because of the wonder and "magic" of our bodies and immune systems. You can't choose when you have an infection, and it isn't uncommon to be exposed to more than one type of organism at the same time in the environment. Animals' bodies had to develop to be able to deal with multiple infectious agents at the same time. Because of this, for many types of organisms, the vaccines that are made with multiple inactivated or weakened organisms don't cause a problem for our bodies to respond to each organism with antibodies for both, the same as the body does when exposed to multiple pathogens in the wild. According to the manufacturer of Zostavax, herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine: In a double-blind, controlled substudy, 374 adults in the US, 60 years of age and older (median age = 66 years), were randomized to receive trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (TIV) and ZOSTAVAX concurrently (N=188), or TIV alone followed 4 weeks later by ZOSTAVAX alone (N=186). The antibody responses to both vaccines at 4 weeks post vaccination were similar in both groups. This may be different depending on the vaccine and organisms involved, however. So rely on your doctor or clinician to determine if there is a drug interaction that might prevent concurrent vaccination with different vaccines.

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