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Medicare is a Federal, nation-wide program.

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Q: Does Medicare provide coverage out of state?
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Will Medicare provide coverage in visiting state?

Medicare is a Federal, nation-wide program.

Does Medicare coverage provide peridontal care?

No, Medicare does NOT cover dentistry in any form.

Who qualifies for medicare coverage?

how old do you have to be for medicare coverage?

Who qualifies for medicare?

how old do you have to be for medicare coverage?

Do secure horizons medicare advantage offer dental coverage?

Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage does not offer dental coverage as part of its basic service. However, a subscriber can add a rider to their policy at an extra cost which will provide some dental coverage.

What is medicare part a and medicare part b?

part a is hospital coverage, part b is dr coverage

Is Medicare Part C the same as Medicare supplemental?

No it is not. Medicare Part C plans otherwise known as Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurers that maintain a contract with Medicare to provide Medical Coverage and/or Prescription Drug Coverage plus in some cases added benefits not usually covered by Medicare (like dental, vision, etc) Medicare Supplement plans which have been standardized into various benefit plans labeled from A-N work in conjuction with Original Medicare and provide supplement coverage for costs that are normally the responsibility of the beneficiary. For more information on Medicare Supplement plan types, go to the publication 'Choosing a Medigap Policy, page 9:

Is Aetna medicare a good source of coverage and what qualifications do they require?

Aetna is a good source of coverage. The physicians and facilities must be state licensed and they must be eligible to receive payment under Original Medicare.

Do I qualify for medicare part d coverage?

You can contact your local social security office and request a booklet for the medicare coverage that will provide you with the information you need.You may also visit the social security office on the web and request a booklet that way.

does medicare over coverage for quiting smoking?

Typically Medicare does not have this type of coverage under its policy. You should find out more information about this from your local Medicare provider.

Define medicaide and medicare in terms of state and federal legislation?

Medicare is an entirely Federal program, governed by the Social Security Act and the Code of Federal Regulations and administered by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. Medicaid is Federally supervised and subsidized, and State administered with State funds. It is governed by Title XIX of the Social Security Act, Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations and State law and regulation. Federal regulations require each State to provide certain minimum, basic coverage; beyond that, coverage varies among the States.

Will Medicare pay for a pacemaker?

Yes. I had a pacemaker implanted and medicare paid for it except the 20% deductible. Some things such as blood work was covered 100% from Medicare. Please remember that medicare guidelines on coverage varies by state. So you would want to call them and talk to them about the specific coverage of the procedure you need done.

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