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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: When you have Medicare Part A Insurance and Supplemental coverage which is primary insurer?
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Your car was stolen how much will you be compensated?

Depends on your insurance coverage: ask your insurer.

Does a standard homeowners insurance policy cover the death of the insurer?

No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide the coverage of a life insurance policy.

Does insurance cover foundation repairs?

It might and it might not. It depends on what scope of coverage you purchased and if it was a preexisting condition or not.Contact your insurer or your insurance agent for clarification of your coverage.

Where do you buy General liability insurance?

General Liability insurance is purchased through any insurer that provides commercial insurance lines coverage.

What is the difference between minimum and full coverage with auto insurance?

Minimum coverage is the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Full coverage is the full package from the insurer, insuring everything they offer to cover.

Is the other driver's insurance company responsible for when my pip runs out?

No, The other persons Insurer is not responsible for the coverages or lack of coverage you decided to purchase from your own insurer.

How much can I expect in annuity payouts from my insurer?

There is no restriction on how much you can get in annuity payouts from your insurer. The annuity payouts depend on the plans and coverage and also the insurance company.

What is the process whereby an insurer reviews applications submitted for insurance coverage and decides whether to accept or reject all or part of the coverage requested?


Are you covered by your insurance if you are driving in a cast and are involved in a car accident?

It depends on your coverage & the state, but normally if you have full coverage your insurer will cover any accident you are in.

What is the term used to describe the periodic amount of money the insurer pays to a health plan for insurance coverage?


What is deductible buy down insurance?

A standard insurance policy provides for deductibles (or excess) clause, i.e., a claim is settled by the insurer only in excess of the limits specified under this clause. The insured can buy supplemental insurance to cover a part or full of this "deductible" amount. This supplemental insurance is called deductible buy down insurance.

Get a quote for professional indemnity Insurance?

Yes, you can contact an insurer of your choice offering professional lines coverage to obtain a professional liability insurance quote.

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