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Medusa is her real name.

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Why was medusa ubpopular in spite of being beautiful

BEAUTIFUL another name for Annie is BEAUTIFUL

No. In one mythos, Medusa is the offspring (with her sisters) of the primaeval Greek sea gods, Phorcys and Ceto. In another, Medusa, a beautiful priestess of Athena, lay with (or was raped by depending on version and translation) Poseidon and was cursed by Athena.

medusa was very pretty and wait more like beautiful

Yes, Medusa was said to be quite beautiful before turning into a Gorgon.

Medusa said she was so beautiful, even more beautiful than Athena and so Athena turned Medusa into a monster so that whenever the Medusa was looked at she would automatically turn them into stone, even herself, but then the Medusa was cheated on so this made the Medusa even more powerful and more angry towards her husband/Greek god. Then the Medusa was killed by Perseus who is a demigod Greek hero who killed Medusa.)

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, did because Medusa said she was prettier than Athena (Medusa used to be beautiful), so Athena punished her with ugliness. Another version of this myth is that Medusa was a lover of Poseidon and Athena was a little jealous (though she was a virgin goddess). When they went to her temple together, Athena was insulted and made Medusa and her two sisters hideous.

Athena, because Medusa was bragging about her beauty, when Athena was the most beautiful godess. :)

I'll make this as simple as possible. Poseidon, the sea god, was dating Medusa. Medusa was a beautiful woman at the time. Poseidon and Medusa snuck into Athena's house. Athena caught them together in her house and turned Medusa into what she is.

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Medusa was created in a Temple of Athena When she was on a date with Poseidon. At this time she was a beautiful woman. But when Athena saw Medusa in her temple she turned her into the ugliest woman in the world.

Όμορφη Μέδουσα

Medusa was said to be beautiful before she was cursed by Athena. Afterward, she had snakes as hair and was portrayed as a hideous monster.

Medusa claimed she was more beautiful than Aphrodite so she was cursed and transformed into a monster.

It was, actually, the Parthenon! Poseidon and Medusa were caught in the Parthenon and then Athena turned Medusa, the beautiful, young girl, into what we think today as Medusa. That lady with the scaly skin and snake hair.

Athena punished Medusa because Medusa thought she was better and more beautiful than the ancient Greek god so Athena cursed Medusa. However, there are many different versions of this story. Another one is : Medusa wanted to be the Queen of something, ( queen of the seas is my guess. ) So, she planned on ruling all of it by herself. So she put Poseidon in chains ( because when a god is in chains, all of their power is lost. Of course until they are released. ) and hid him. Soon, Athena found out, and punished her. BTW Medusa was very beautiful. This story is like Andromeda. ( I recommend learning about it )

No, Medusa was cursed to be a monster after believing herself to be more beautiful than the goddesses on Mount Olympus.

Poseidon was in Athena's temple with Medusa. At that time, Medusa was beautiful. Athena caught them and got furious. Then she turned Medusa ugly with snake hair.

She was once the most beautiful goddess of them all. But then when Aphrodite was born, she got jealous of Medusa. So she put a spell on Medusa so that she could become the most hideous goddess ever. And that is what happen to Medusa!!

No, she used to be a beautiful priestess in Athena's temple.

Medusa is one of the three Gorgons. Medusa is already her real name.

Medusa probably does not care one way or another.

From when her head was chopped off, out of her body came Pegasus and another creature i forgot the name of.

No one knows, He is a Big Jerk tho cause he made love to the worst person ever ... Medusa yep Medusa people might think Medusa is Ugly but she was beautiful until Athena goddess of Wisdom found her Uncle Poseidon making love to Beautiful Medusa in Athena's temple that made her furious so Athena cursed Medusa into a gorgon with hair as snakes

1 - Medusa is her name, not a species. She was a gorgon.

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