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Yes. Prince, Paris & Blanket

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No. Michael Jackson was not a child rapist.

No, Michael was the seventh child.

No, Skai Jackson is not Michael Jackson's child. They are not even related.

Yes Michael Jackson was a child prodigy, he started singing with his brothers and they were called the Jackson 5.

No, Michael is the seventh child out of nine.

Michael Jackson was arrested under suspicion of child molestation charges. Michael Jackson was not guilty of these.

Of Katherine & Joesph Jackson He was the 7th child

He was always known as "Michael Jackson" , but he was commonly called "Little Michael"

He's not... he just had a mind of a child RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson did not get along with his farther very well.

He was in a band called the Jackson 5.

The youngest child for Michael Jackson is Prince 'Blanket' Jackson.

he dangled prince michael jackson 2 in 2002 in a hotel

He was the seventh child out of nine.

yes he was by his father joe Jackson

Michael Jackson doesn't have a fourth child.

Michael Jackson did not file for emancipation because Joe beat him as a child

Υes, in his heart he was like a child.

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor do not have a child together. They were just close friends. Elizabeth stated that Michael iwas like a son to her.

No, Michael Jackson has never been convicted of any child abuse.No he definitely has not

Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation, he was sent to court where he was found innocent.

Michael Jackson was charged with conspiracy, child abduction, extortion, false imprisonment, and child molestation. However, he was aquitted on all charges.

It simply was his time. I love Michael Jackson. Especially in the begining of his carrer as a child...the Jackson 5! :( YOU WILL BE MISSED MICHAEL JACKSON!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!:(

The Jackson 5 when he was a child. Then the Jacksons before he started his solo career.

Rebbie Jackson is the oldest Jackson child and she is 59 years old!!!!