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No, his one and only daughter is called Paris.

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How many children did Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson had 2 sons, one named Prince Michael and the other named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and one daughter named Paris Michael Katherine.

Did Michael Jackson ever have a kid named omer?

No. Neither of his sons (or his daughter) is named Omer.

What did Michael Jackson want to name his daughter?

Michael Jackson wanted to name his daughter as Princess but Debbie Rowe his ex wife didn't let him cause she felt it was stupid, and named her Paris as she was conceived there.

What inspired Michael Jackson to make the song Smooth Criminal?

The song is about a woman named Annie who was attacked in her apartment by an assailant.

Who named Michael Jackson?

His mother and father named him michael, The Family name was jackson.

Why did Michael Jackson name his daughter Paris?

According to her mother Debbie Rowe, she is named for the city where she was conceived.

Is there a female Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson also has a famous sister named Janet Jackson.

Why Michael Jackson didn't named his daughter Crystal?

Because there are a lot of other names out there, he may not have liked the name "Crystal".

Does Randy Jackson have children?

a son named Steven Randall Jackson, Jr and a daughter named Genevieve Jackson

Did Michael have a daughter named Elvis Presley?

yes they did because that is michael jackson's first daughter

Who was Michael Jackson's spouse?

Michael Jackson married both Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis' daughter) and a lady named Debbie Rowe (who gave him 2 of his 3 kids).

Is randy Jackson really Michael Jackson brother?

Michael has a brother named Randy Jackson but he is not the American Idol judge

Does Michael Jackson have a son called blanket?

Michael Jackson has a son named Prince Michael Jackson II. It is widely reported that the child's nickname is blanket.

Michael Jackson has 3 sisters what's their names?

Michael Jackson's sisters are named: Rebbie Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Janet Jackson.

How old is Joseph Jackson Michael Jacksons brother?

Michael does not have a "brother" named Joseph Jackson. Joseph Jackson is Michael's father

Is Prince related to Michael Jackson?

no.prince is not relatd to Michael Jackson the singer "prince" is not related to Michael but Michael does have two boys named Prince!

Did Michael Jackson have a pet?

Yes, Michael Jackson had a pet. Back in the eighties, he had a chimp named Bubbles. He also had two llamas named Louie and Lola.

Did Michael Jackson have a son named blanket?

His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Did Jefferson Davis have a slave daughter Francis or Annie Morgan Davis?

No,He did not have any daughters named Francis or Annie Morgan Davis...

Where did Michael Jackson live as a boy?

On Jackson St i know it just was named that!

Who are Micheal jacksons chrilidren?

Prince Michael Jackson is the full name of one of Michael's sons. His daughter is named Paris Michael Jackson, she has been in one children's movie. His younget son is named Prince Michael Jackson the second (knicknamed blanket). Prince is not a title it is his son's first name. There is also an adult man who is named Omer Bhatti who may be Michael's son. Omar looks similar to some of Michael's nephews.

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