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Does Michael Jackson have a kid?

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yes, he has a girl called Paris Jackson and two boys called Prince Michael and Prince Michael II

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Where did Michael Jackson live as a kid?

Michael Jackson lived in Gary, Indiana

What language did Michael Jackson speak when he was a kid?

Michael Jackson only spoke English, as both a kid and an adult.

Who is Michael Jackson's oldest kid?

Michael Jackson jr.nickname: Prince

Who is richer Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is richer, Michael Jordan is worth about 1 million ,Michael Jackson is up there in the billions michael is the richer kid and is a short fish Opin

Who played Michael Jackson as a kid in the video Beat It?

No one... There was no kid in that Video

What is Michael Jackson's fav kids?

Michael Jackson has no favorite kid out of his 3 kids

Did Michael Jackson have friends when he was a kid?

no Michael said his brothers were his friends growing up

Did Michael Jackson endanger his kid?

No he did not those allegations were false.

Why did Michael Jackson get police brutaly?

they thought he did something to a kid

When did Michael Jackson get intersted in music?

He got interested when he was a kid.

Did Michael Jackson like being a singer?

Michael Loved To Sing That Was His Passion When He Was A Little Kid

What is a good feature article title for a Michael Jackson paper?

If your including when he was a kid and was in the Jackson 5, then I suggest The Jackson Jive.

What is Prince Michael?

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. I (Prince) Is his son Michael Joseph Jackson Jr II (Blanket) is his 3rd Kid and his son also. The child between them is Paris Katherine Michael Joseph Jackson

When did mj have his first kid?

Michael Jackson or MJ had his first kid in 1997 when he was 38 years of age. He had Prince or Michael Joseph Jackson Jr with Debbie Rowe. His second child, Paris was born in 1998.

Was Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 when he was a kid?

Yes. The members were: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael. Their youngest brother Randy was also in when Jermaine quit.

What did Michael Jackson do for fun as a child?

Michael didn't get to have much fun because he was working all the time as a kid.

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