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No i don't have a cousin named Keren Cyrus-Miley Cyrus

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Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin name jade Cyrus?

Yes there is a Jade Cyrus.

Is Chelsea Cyrus one of Miley Cyrus' cousin name?

no she does not

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named tisha ivory?

There does not seem to be a cousin of Miley Cyrus that is named Tisha Ivory. She could possible have a cousin by this name and not speak about her publicly.

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin with the last name Phillips?


Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named Kayla Cyrus?

Yes. Her name was Kayla Marie Cyrus.

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin whose name is david?


Is Miley Cyrus' cousin named Destiny?

No that is miley name before she changed it

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named Kayla?

Yes, her name was Kayla Marie Cyrus.

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named Candy Cyrus?

NO, who would name there child candy!!?!!?

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named tish Cyrus?

NO! her mom's name is Tish Cyrus. its a short form for Leticia Cyrus.

Who is Emily cyrus?

Emily Cyrus full name (Emily Yvette Cyrus) is cousin of Miley, Braison, And Noah Cyrus.

Are the beadles and Miley Cyrus related?

yes; because mileys' cousin is the cousin from the beadles family too. her name is rienna Cyrus

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin who sings?

Yes , Her Name Is Solange Abela and she lives in Malta !!!

Was Miley a name before Miley Cyrus?

Before she changed her name to Miley Cyrus her name was Destint Hope Cyrus.

Is noah Cyrus related to Miley Cyrus?

It's her sister.

What is Miley Cyrus really name?

Miley Cyrus' full name is Miley Ray Cyrus and was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Does miley have a cousin called brooke Cyrus?

yeah she does her full name is brooke lexi cyrus, im talking to her right now we are friends

Does Miley Cyrus have a cousin named Taylor?

Apparently not, although someone with a similar name might exist.

Who's Miley Cyrus's family?

Miley Cyrus has to sister's named brandi and noah she also has 3 brothers named Christopher, Trace and Brandon but miley also has a niece and im putting her on here because she is like a sister to Miley her name is Marya Cyrus King.she havae a cousin with the name rienna Cyrus

What waz Miley Cyrus reel name?

Her Real Name Is Miley Cyrus.

What is miley mom name is?

Miley Cyrus' mom's name is Tish Cyrus

Is Miley stewet Miley cyrus?

No because Miley Cyrus is her real name and miley stewet is her Hannah montana name

What is the old whole name of Miley Cyrus?

her full name used to be destiny hope Cyrus but she changed it to miley ray Cyrusfirst of all her last name is Cyrus. not cyres.The name she was BORN with was Destiny Hope 2008, Miley changed her name to be Miley Ray Cyrus.

Did Miley Cyrus change her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus?

Yes she did. She was born with the name Destiny Hope Cyrus and also they would call her "Smiley-Miley" but she did change her name to Miley Ray Cyrus because she didn't like her other name. Hope this is an helpful answer.In may 2008 Miley Cyrus officially became Miley Ray Cyrus.

What is Miley Cyrus's full name?

Miley Ray Cyrus Her real name is not Miley Ray Cyrus! It is really (her birth name) DESTINY HOPE CYRUS!!!