Does Minecraft java work?


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Yes, minecraft works perfectly. Minecraft is programmed and runs on java, so that it can be played on a variety of platforms - including Mac, Windows, and Linux. If Minecraft doesn't work for you, you may have to update your version of Java.

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No, since Minecraft was coded by Java, you can not use Adobe Flash Player. Sorry... Sources: I program Java, I work with Minecraft mods.

Minecraft is made to work with ANY computer that uses java.

You may need to download the newest version of Java for minecraft to work. Or maybe your computer can not handle it.

Yes, Minecraft is a java-based game.

Minecraft was created in Java and uses Java to run, therefore you MUST have Java to play Minecraft.

Minecraft works by executing code in the Java virtual Machine. It was written in Java with OpenGL to improve the handling of the 3-d game. The browser version is also written in Java however it is embedded in the page as a Java Applet.

Yes, you need to have java to play Minecraft. Sometimes Minecraft may crash without being run by a relatively modern version of Java.

Recent changes to Minecraft have made it independent of Java.

Because Minecraft is built around Java, it is currently impossible to play Minecraft without Java.

Yes, however, you need to have java installed

Definitely. Since Minecraft is primarily Java based, it will run on almost any operating system.

simply search for java 6 and get it from the official java site, download and install. ~Hope I helped! ~Tim

Most versions of Minecraft are written for the Java platform, so yes.

Yes, as long as you have a recent version of Java installed.

You absolutely MUST have Java to play or run Minecraft, and there is no legal online version of Minecraft. You must download Minecraft to your computer.

At least java 6 would run minecraft well. On the java site, if you see JDK and JRE. You would want to get the JRE to play minecraft

Minecraft was coded using JAVA.

If you want to play Minecraft in your web browser, you will have to install Java on your computer. Java usually comes with browser plugins that can be used to run Java apps such as Minecraft in your browser. You can download Java from Java's website.

You don't: Minecraft is a game based in Java and will not run without Java. Not to mention that Minecraft isn't free either. Sure, there are other ways of getting Minecraft for free, but I'm not telling you to do that.

It is a java game, it is impossible to play it without java.

No minecraft is based on Java and Mojang

There is now a Java free version of the launcher available from the Minecraft 'Downloads' page, however the game itself requires Java to play as that is what it is built in.

It is primarily made in Java but also uses OpenGl.

If you already have a premium minecraft account, go to the Minecraft download page (the link is under "Sources and related links" below this answer) and download the mac client, although if it isn't a mac, use the Java, labeled under linux, which should work if you have java runtime.

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