Does Minerva like Artemis

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Minerva and Artemis are from two different mythologies. Minerva is from Roman mythology and Artemis is from Greek mythology. Since they had no contact, they cannot possibly like each other.

However, since Roman mythology is based of Greek mythology, Artemis has a Greek counterpart (Diana) and Minerva has a Greek counterpart (Athena). Please see the related questions below to find the answers to 'Does Athena like Artemis' and 'Does the goddess Minerva like Diana'.

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Q: Does Minerva like Artemis
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Do Artemis And Minerva kiss?

Not so far.

Who is Minerva in Artemis Fowl?

Minerva Paradizo is a character in 'Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony'. She is a child genius, much like Artemis himself, but unlike Artemis nothing has happened to her to make her a more selfless and responsible person. She is determined to capture a demon in order to win a Nobel prize for discovering a new species and Artemis, with the aid of his bodyguard, Butler, and LEP Captain Holly Short, must foil her plans in order to protect the fairy race from discovery and exploitation by humans. On a personal note, I was disappointed that Artemis and Minerva never got any closer because Artemis clearly has feelings for her and she appears to at least like and identify with him, but it looks as if they never actually meet again because there's no mention of Minerva in 'Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox'.

What is Minerva's last name in the series Artemis Fowl?


What is Minrva's last name in Artemis Fowl?

Her name is Minerva Paradizo

If you wanted to audition for the part of Minerva in the Artemis Fowl movie if you are 15 what should you do?

I think you're out of luck. Minerva is only 12.

What is the story of Diana - Goddess of the hunt?

Artemis is the goddess of hunt. When the western civilization shifted to Rome they renamed quite a few of the gods like Athena became Minerva and similarly Artemis became Diana.

Which goddess is worshiped in Rome?

All of them Are, Aphrodite is Venus, Athena is Minerva, Artemis is Diana, and Hera is Juno.

What was the name of her Greek counterpart?

Who? Minerva- Athena Juno- Hera Diana- Artemis Venus- Aphrodite Ceres- Demeter

What happened to Minerva in the Artemis Fowl series?

After Artemis went to hunt demons, she visited Butler in his seaside cabin and was said to be an extremely good chess player. After Artemis returned, she was not spoken about afterward, said to have gone off into the Alpes Maritime.

Does Hermes like Artemis?

I don't know if Hermes like Artemis. I know that Artemis doesn't like men and she isn't married.

How was minerva worshiped?

well her priest had to keep there virginity like Minerva, they offered her olives and asked for wisdom.

Who does the goddess Athena marry?

Athena renounced love and marriage. She never married. She is ever virgin as well. Athena (Minerva) and Artemis (Diana) were the two virgin goddesses.