Artemis (Diana)

Artemis was the Greek goddess of hunting, childbirth, and wildlife. She was the twin sister of the god Apollo, and was one of the virgin goddesses. In Roman mythology, she was known as Diana.

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Artemis (Diana)

How many pillars does the temple of Artemis have?

127 :)

Artemis (Diana)

What colour is Artemis hair?

It is said to be Auburn.

Artemis (Diana)

What kind of animal did Artemis hunt?

game such as vixen or deer, but also animals like rabbits, just a load of stuff that can be shot with arrows! :)

Artemis (Diana)

What AR level is goddess girls Artemis the brave?

AR lists the third book in the series, Aphrodite the Beauty, at a 4.7 BL (book level). Book 4: Artemis the Brave, will be similar, I imagine, though the length of the book is longer. The publisher lists interest level for the series at ages 8 - 12.

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Artemis (Diana)

Why were Romans called Romans and not Italians?

Because that's what they were. Italy, as a political entity, did not exist: the standard political unit in the classical world was the city-state. While an Athenian might also think of himself as Greek, as there were many city-states in Greece, a Roman looked down on mere Italians, as Rome was totally dominant in its sphere of Italy.

Romans were Italians - end of story. However they were citizens of Rome, just as Neapolitans were citizens of Naples (didn't call themselves Italians either).

However the Romans, as usual winners, thought of themselves as dominant, and even though eventually the other Italian peoples and cities were allied to them, they did not treat them as equals - Romans had superior legal rights, and exploited them too in commercial dealings with their allies. This led to what has been called the Social War (socii = allies) in the early 1st Century BCE, where many of Rome's Italian allies revolted. It was a close run thing, and when it eventually scraped home, Rome learnt and extended Roman citizenship to all its Italian allies, who, while Italians too, also became Romans.

Roman citizenship was gradually extended to other ethnics as the empire expanded. By three hundred years later, all peoples in the empire were given Roman citizenship and became Romans, whether they were Latins, other Italians, Greeks, Gauls, Britons, Spaniards, Syrians or whatever.

Artemis (Diana)

Who was Artemis' Roman equivalent?

Artemis' Roman equivalent was Diana.

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Artemis (Diana)

What are the symbols of the Greek goddess Artemis?

The goddess Artemis's symbols include: a stag, a bear, a wolf, a falcon, hounds, her gold bow and arrows, the cypress tree, and the crescent moon.

Artemis (Diana)

Did the Roman goddess Diana swear not to marry?

Yes, the goddess Diana swore not to marry, but instead remain a virgin forever. She was true to her word.

Artemis (Diana)

How many pets did Artemis Greek goddess have?

She has seven, a wolf, three hounds, and three deer.

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Artemis (Diana)

What does Artemis look like?

Artemis is very beautiful. her long reddish-brown hair reaches the middle of her back. she was very athletic and tall. often seen in white

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Artemis (Diana)

Why dress wild game?

You MUST dress wild game. You may not know what this means. It means to clean or disembowel the animal. If you don't, the meat will be useless. The fore mentioned answer is for field dressing. Complete dressing includes the above plus removal of the hide and head. If the entrails are left in an animal the bacteria in the bowel and other organs will infect the meat and ruin it. If the temperature is high you will need to keep it cool. But you do not want an un-processed animal (not cut up for consumption) to freeze if at all possible as this to cause the meat to taste strange

Artemis (Diana)

How many brothers and sisters did Artemis have?

The goddess Artemis only had one true sibling, her twin brother Apollo. Since she is a daughter of Zeus, she would have many half siblings. Some of them would be Ares, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, Persephone, Dionysus, Helen, Perseus, and Hercules.

Artemis (Diana)

Why was the birth of Artemis so special?

When Hera found out that Leto was pregnant with twins by Zeus, she flew into a jealous rage. She forbid all lands and waters to give Leto rest. Leto travelled all over, unable to give birth. Hera then sent the monster Python to devour Leto. She barely escaped. Finally, she found the island of Delos. It was a new island that was still floating, so it was not technically land but not technically water. That was were Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Artemis' birth gave Leto no pain at all. She then had to become her mother's midwife while Apollo was being born.

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Artemis (Diana)

Does Athena like Artemis?

Athena and Artemis were playmates, along with Persephone, as young goddesses. They all agreed to be virgin goddesses, except Hades abducted Persephone. This similarity between Artemis and Athena may have led to a friendship between them. However, Athena likes to think things through before acting, as the goddess of wisdom, but Artemis likes to jump straight into things, as the goddess of the wild and the hunt. This might have led to the annoyance of the other. Also, there is a debate whether Athena or Artemis was the favorite daughter of Zeus (most say it was Athena), and which one of them was the stronger.

Artemis (Diana)

Why is Artemis symbol a diamond?

Artemis symbol was not a diamond but actually the moon and her bow and arrow.

Artemis (Diana)

Did Artemis hate men?

Yes, because she is a virgin goddess. She thinks men want to take away a women's independence.

Artemis (Diana)

Is there any company names named after the Greek Goddess Artemis?

Artemis (Diana)

When is Artemis used in modern society?

As America associates itself with Greek and Roman culture, most school children learn of Greek Myth.

There have also been a revival of sorts in her worship by Hellenic Pagans, NeoPagans, and in Wicca.

Artemis (Diana)

What did Artemis wear on her head?

She wore a tiara with a crescent moon on it.

Artemis (Diana)
Cupid (Eros)

Was Eros the brother of Artemis and Apollo?

No. Eros is usually the son of Aphrodite; Artemis and Apollo are the twin children of Zeus and Leto.

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Artemis (Diana)

Old black white movie where main man falls in love with a statue when it became human?

Was that Athena? I think the statue was Athena.

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Artemis (Diana)
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What is Hestia's symbol?

The hearth, flame, and home were Hestia's symbol, as she was the goddess of the hearth and home.

Artemis (Diana)

What were the goddess Artemis' powers?

The goddess Artemis' powers are:

  • The ability to shoot a bow with perfect aim (since she is the goddess of the Hunt)
  • Cleverness
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Ability to turn people and herself into animals
  • Heal
  • Kill mortals instantly
  • Guard women during childbirth
  • Look any age she wants to
  • Spread diseases (like her twin brother Apollo: Artemis targeted women and girls, and Apollo men and boys.)
  • Protect girls
  • Protect animals
  • Athletic abilities
  • Eternal life and youth

Artemis was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness, the moon, and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage. Hence, a goddess of virginity as well.

Artemis possesses the conventional Olympian godly attributes of superhuman physical properties, vitality, and functional immortality. She has not aged since reaching adulthood and is immune to harm from conventional means of injury and cannot suffer from any Earthly disease. Artemis is somewhat stronger than the average Olympian goddess because she is an independent huntress. Artemis also has other magical abilities which include the ability to transform the shape and form of herself and other beings into various forms. (The latter was evinced when she turned the Greek hunter Actaeon into a stag). Like her twin brother Apollo, Artemis can heal the injuries of other living beings but this is a seldom used power. Artemis can also cast spells that enable her to send plagues and also transform her shape and form to appear as another person, an animal, or an object. She can also cross dimensions such as from Olympus to Earth. Artemis is a master archer and carries in her arsenal mystical arrows of various properties.

She was the Goddess of the hunt, and under the Roman pantheon, the moon. She was quite a gifted archer, and like most Greek gods, she could change forms.
Artemis had the power to force disease or sudden death on any girl or woman. She could cause suffering with the sting of her arrows which she kept with her always.

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Artemis (Diana)

Did Leona helmsley ever have any children?

Yes, Leona Helmsley had one son, Jay, by her first husband.

Artemis (Diana)

Where and when was Apollo born?

We don't know when he was born. If he is there, he was always there.

Apollo is said to be born on the 7th day of the Greek month Thargelion. (which is estimated to be around May 25th)

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. But Hera, Zeus's wife was angry at Zeus's philandering. Leto could not find a safe place to give birth to her children for even the land feared Hera's wrath. But finally, she found the floating island of Delos and that's where Apollo and his sister Artemis was born.

The twins, Artemis and Apollo were born on the floating island of Delos, in the Aegan Sea. There was a prohibition given to their mother by the goddess Hera that she not give birth on either land or sea. Since Delos was a floating island it was not against Hera's prohibition.

Also, The island (Delos) was surrounded by swans. Afterwards, Zeus secured Delos to the bottom of the ocean. This island later became sacred to Apollo.

It is also stated that Hera kidnapped Ilithyia, the goddess of childbirth, to prevent Leto from going into labor. The other gods tricked Hera into letting her go by offering her a necklace, nine yards (8 m) long, of amber. Mythographers agree that Artemis was born first and then assisted with the birth of Apollo, or that Artemis was born one day before Apollo, on the island of Ortygia and that she helped Leto cross the sea to Delos the next day to give birth to Apollo. Apollo was born on the seventh day (ἡβδομαγενης) of the month Thargelion -according to Delian tradition-or of the month Bysios-according to Delphian tradition. The seventh and twentieth, the days of the new and full moon, were ever afterwards held sacred to him.


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