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yes Minnesota has rocks. if that's what you mean. or did you mean like yes it does rock it has the MOA ( mall of America) metro dome ( home of sports teams) minning areas and more!

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What is the top Volleyball club in Minnesota?

Minnesota Select Volleyball Club!!!!!! we rock!

Which cities have Rock in their name in the US?

Rock Creek, Minnesota; Rock Falls, Illinois; Rock Hill, South Carolina; Rock Island, Illinois; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Rockford, Illinois; Rockford, Minnesota; Rockledge, Florida; Rockland, Idaho; Rockland, Maine; Rocklin, California; Rockmart, Georgia; Rockport, Indiana; Rockville, Minnesota; and Rockville, Maryland are U.S. cities.

Is there a band called Outspoken in Minnesota?

Outspoken is a rock cover band based out of Mankato Minnesota. They play at bars and other small venues.

Which sedimentary rock is an important iron ore that is mined in northern Minnesota?


What is the oldest rock in the US?

The oldest rocks in the US are the granitic gneisses of southwest Minnesota.

What minnesota counties dont have any natural lakes?

Rock, Pipestone, Mower, Olmsted

What songs do the Minnesota Wild play during warm ups?

rock you like a hurricaine??

What is the oldest rock found in the US?

Minnesota has the oldest rocks in the United States. The granitic gneisses of southwest Minnesota have been dated at 3.8 billion years old.

What is the phone number of the Rock County Historical Society in Luverne Minnesota?

The phone number of the Rock County Historical Society is: 507-283-2122.

What do northern minnesota native peace pipes look like?

a stinky rock with a hole on the inside

How many towns are named 'Castle Rock' in America?

You will find towns named Castle Rock in:ColoradoMinnesotaOregonSouth DakotaWisconsin

What are the ancient rock art carvings found in rock between the towns of Jeffers and Comfrey called?

The Jeffers Petroglyphs are found in the Red Rock Ridge of southwestern Minnesota. They are a collection of American Indian symbols and images.

How many same-sex couples have married in Rock County Minnesota?

Although same-sex marriage has been legal in Minnesota since August 1, 2013, the Minnesota Department of Health's Minnesota Center for Health Statistics, the government agency charged with publishing official statistics concerning Minnesota, has not yet issued its annual report for 2013. See related link below.

Where is the Rock County Historical Society in Luverne Minnesota located?

The address of the Rock County Historical Society is: 123 N Freeman Ave, Luverne, MN 56156-5615

List some places that started in MN?

Cities in Minnesota: · Apple Valley, Minnesota · Bloomington, Minnesota · Cottage Grove, Minnesota · Duluth, Minnesota · Eagan, Minnesota · Fridley, Minnesota · Golden Valley, Minnesota · Hastings, Minnesota · Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota · Jordan, Minnesota · Kasson, Minnesota · Lakeville, Minnesota · Minneapolis, Minnesota · New Hope, Minnesota · Oakdale, Minnesota · Prior Lake, Minnesota · Quamba, Minnesota · Rochester, Minnesota · Saint Paul, Minnesota · Tyler, Minnesota · Vadnais Heights, Minnesota · Upsala, Minnesota · White Bear Lake, Minnesota · Zumbrota, Minnesota

Can a sixteen year old with a driverslisince in minnesota drive in new york?

yes. every where dude dah i rock skinnys

Which state is farther North Michigan or Minnesota?


What counties in Minnesota are lakeless?

Four Minnesota counties (out of 87) have no natural lakes (but all have ponds or reservoirs that hold water year round): Mower (four ponds), Olmsted (six reservoirs), Pipestone (1 reservoir), and Rock (1 reservoir).

How long have the Minnesota vikings been in Minnesota?

The Minnesota Vikings have been in Minnesota since August 1959.

What is the oldest rock in North America?

The oldest rocks in North America are found in Minnesota. The oldest of these rocks age to 3.6 billion years old.

Where Is Minnesota zoo?

In minnesota

Which colleges in Minnesota are considered the best?

Minnesota home of the Minnesota Golphers

How do you spell Minnesota?

That is the correct spelling of the US state, Minnesota.

What is the home to the Minnesota Twins baseball team?

...The MINNESOTA Twins are from Minnesota...

What are the 6 MN professional sports team?

The Minnesota Vikings (football) The Minnesota Twins (baseball) The Minnesota Wild (hockey) The Minnesota Timberwolves (basketball) The Minnesota Swarm (lacrosse) The Minnesota Thunder (soccer)