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no\\not at all no1 really does

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Who is Jake t austins friend?

Jake t Austin's friend is Moises arias but he has many more like me and Miley Cyrus which miley is also my friend.

Does Miley Cyrus like Moises Arias?

No her and Nick Jonas are dating. no she doesn't like Moises arias and her and nick are dating right now Miley and Nick are NOT dating. Both of them said they are just friends. He doesn't plan on being anything more with her. They tried it and it didn't work out. She likes being single. She said so when she did have a Twitter.

Is Moises Arias in a relationship?

haha no he like 14

Who does Moises Arias like?

A girl in America called Madison pettis

What does Moises Arias Bother look like?

They look the same weirdos

How do you pronounce Moises arias?

like "MOSES" ya know the dude from the bible!

How much does Moises Arias weigh?

Moises weigh something like 93 pounds (42 kg). hes very small

Does Miley Cyrus like nachos?

Yes, Miley Cyrus does like nachos.

What is does Miley Cyrus like?

Miley Cyrus like to have BIG FUN SEX! also miley is not a good rolemodel! neither is her dad. Miley Cyrus is an f in b!

How can you tell if someone is Miley Cyrus?

They will be fabulously wealthy, they will look like Miley Cyrus, talk like Miley Cyrus, sing like Miley Cyrus, call Billy Ray Cyrus "dad" and generally live the life of Miley Ray Cyrus, surrounded by bodyguards and an entourage of yes-men.

Does Miley Cyrus like her dad?

Miley Cyrus LOVES her dad

How do you say i like Miley Cyrus in french?

j'aime Miley Cyrus

Dose david archletta like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez?

he like Miley Cyrus :)

Is Marie youla and Moises arias going out?

no but i think Marie will like to go out with him she really likes him

How old is mosis Aries?

His name is Moises Arias And he is 5 years old and he looks like it

Does Miley Cyrus like the outdoors?

yes Miley Cyrus loves nature

Does Miley Cyrus like girls?

No. Miley Cyrus is not a bisexual or a lesbian. She is straight.

Do you like Miley Cyrus or no?

I love miley cyrus. i think she is a great singer

How do you be Miley Cyrus?

you can be Miley Cyrus in your dreams just like anyboady can be you in dreams!

Does Moises arias have a brother?

Yes,because one of Hannah Montana's episodes has a kid that looks like him and at the end it says his name is Mateo Arias.

Do you like vannessa or Miley Cyrus?


Does Justin Bieber hate Miley Cyrus?

NO he doesn't hate Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus like eachother.

Does miley like macaroni?

Miley Cyrus does like macaroni

Would Miley Cyrus like you?

newtest2 yeah Miley Cyrus will like you as a friend and she likes me as a friend

What cartoon does Miley Cyrus like?

miley Cyrus is said to like the Simpson's and south park .x.