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Does Mrs Claus work?

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Yes, she works very hard.

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What is the story of Mrs Claus?

Mrs Claus' Storyshe married mr Claus

How did Mrs Claus die?

Mrs. Claus did not die.

Did Mrs. Claus die?

Santa Claus' wife, Mrs. Claus, is alive and well.

What does Mrs. Claus keep telling Santa Claus to do?

She keeps telling him to get some rest and not work so hard.

Does Santa Claus have a Mrs Claus?

Of Course He Does. Have You not Heard Talk About Mrs Clause

Is Mrs. Claus real?

If Santa Claus is married then Mrs. Claus is real.If Santa is then I guess she is too.

Does Mrs. Claus wear glasses?

Yes, Mrs. Claus does sometimes wear glasses.

What is Mrs. Claus famous for making for Santa?

Mrs. Claus makes cookies for Santa.

What is the duration of Mrs. Santa Claus?

The duration of Mrs. Santa Claus is 1.5 hours.

When was Mrs. Santa Claus created?

Mrs. Santa Claus was created on 1996-12-08.

What is mrs Claus middle name?

Mrs. Claus' middle name was Mary. She was named after the mother of Jesus. Her full name is Jessica Mary Claus.

What is Mrs Claus' name?

Jessica Mary Claus

What actors and actresses appeared in The Real Mrs. Claus - 2013?

The cast of The Real Mrs. Claus - 2013 includes: Mallory Eyhorn as Kimmy Eileen Montelione as Mrs. Claus

What does Mrs. Claus do when santas on his sleigh?

Mrs. Claus makes supper for the Elves, and decorates the tree of course!

What does mrs Claus love the most?

She loves Santa Claus the most.

How did Santa Claus get his red suit?

Mrs Claus and the elves made it for him.

Does santa Claus and Mrs. Claus have a child?

no they don't have a child

Who wear the men who walked on the moon?

santa claus and mrs claus

What if Karen from Frosty the Snowman was Mrs. Claus?

It is doubtful that Karen from Frosty the Snowman was Mrs. Claus. All reports say that Mrs. Claus is living happily at the North Pole with Santa, and is not a snow-woman.

What is Mrs Claus' phone number?

Mrs. Claus' phone number (if she has one) is not known. Santa and Mrs. Claus never give out that information.

When was Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus created?

Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus was created in 2004.

What is Mrs. Claus' name?

Mrs. Claus' NameName: Jessica Mary Claus aka 'Mrs Claus', 'Goody', 'Jessica', 'Ma', 'Maya', 'Matha', 'Doloe', 'Dolores'Jessica...according to Rankin/Bass!Mrs Clauses real name is Layla as it says in the book the autobiagraphy of santaMrs. Claus's maiden name was Mary Christmas,then her married name is Mary Claus.In the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen, her name is Carol.

Does Santa Claus dance?

Santa Claus doesn't usually dance, but sometimes Mrs. Claus talks him into it.

How old is mrs Claus?


What is Rudolphs girlfriend?

Mrs. Claus

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