Does Naruto get susake back

Updated: 9/19/2023
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in the manga naruto is going to do what ever it takes to stop sasuke

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Q: Does Naruto get susake back
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How do you get Susake in Naruto Uzumaki Chronicals 2?

u have to finish the game 2 times

What Naruto Shippuden episode does Sakura almost die?

it already happen naruto saves her from susake, it would happen again probily

Is naruto and susake going to fight madara?

lets just say naruto and sasuke arent very good friends right now

Does Sakura and Sasuke ever get in a fight?

Soon, according to naruto manga chapter 470, Sakura says she'll be "hunting for sasuke" with Kiba, Rock Lee and Sai, not Naruto because they were in a fight (arguing). you got it mostly right yup sakura tells naruto she loves him in order to see if he will stop trying to find susake and the way to not tell naruto that the others want to kill susake them selfs sakura leaves with lee and kiba asking kiba to find susakes sent SIA the big loser stays back and tells kakashi and naruto whats sakuras plan im soooooo in to see that fight and i heard from some people (not sure if its true) that's sakura finds susake and fights him BUT susake lets sakura win because he still cares for her :) we will see and hopefully its true buecause all they went through its pretty big

What episode of naruto shippuden does susake fight itchi?

episode 134-138 is the final battle between sasuke and itachi

Does susake die at the end of naruto Shippuden?

Far as i know he doesn't because they are making a new movie of it and i think he will die in it

Does susake ever come back?

We do not yet know (as of 1/20/09) no :(

Why did susake kill sakura?

Sasuke didn't kill Sakura. He almost did but Naruto saved her. And he tried to kill her because she tried to kill him first, but she hesitated.

Does Naruto and susake fight together to kill someone?

yes they do it when fighting zabuza.Twice actually both to kill zabuza first zabuza no die 2nd he does.

Where do you date susake in Naruto 3 Ultimate Ninja?

well you cant date him since leaves to orochimaru and you can only data tenten, temari, and kabusui.

Who does susake love?


Who is susake crush?