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To answer your question, yes, National Rental does only rent out cars. However, they do have a wide variety to choose from, such as hybrids, SUV's, or minivans.

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2011-10-04 22:08:25
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Q: Does National Rental only rent out cars?
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Do most rental companies have van rentals?

Most rental companies do not rent vans, most of the rental companies only rent cars because cars are most profitable. Furthermore most of the customers only need a car and do not rent a van.

Which car is the cheapest of the Dub cars?

Dub rental cars have a variety of cars for people to rent. Dub rental cars rent min vans, full size and mid sized cars. The cheapest car to rent from Dub rental cars is a compact small car.

Does rent-a-car companies have chevy surburbans for rent?

Every car rental company offers a different selection of rental cars. Some national chain companies, such as Avis, do indeed offer Chevrolet Suburbans for rent.

What does a car rental business have to offer?

Cars for rent.

What the some car rentals in Australia?

You can rent a car in Australia for rental cars or AVIS, these are cheap reliable car rental places. Also if you find another place that will let you rent the cars cheaper then rental cars will beat the price.

Where can one find car rental in Bologna?

One can rent cars at the following places in Bologna: Argus Rentals, Bologna Airport Car Rental, KAYAK, Hertz, National Car, Avis, and also at VIP Cars.

Where can one rent cars in Pittsburgh?

One can rent cars in Pittsburgh by seeking out one of the car rental companies that operate there. Some examples of car rental companies operating in Pittsburgh are Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Dollar Rent-A-Car.

Where is the cheapest place in Atlanta to rent cars?

There are are few places to rent cars in Atlanta. Rent-A-Wreck, Payless Car Rental, I Travel Rent A Car all offer daily car rentals based on a 7 day rental.

Where can one rent cars in Israel?

There are many places is Israel where one can rent cars. Some of the places one can hire cars in Israel are: Hertz, Avis, Eldan Car Rental, and Tamir Car Rental.

Where can you rent a Fiat new car?

You can rent a new Fiat car in a specialised car rental dealer or possibly a fiat dealer who rents the cars. Car rental services provide a wide range of rental cars.

What car hire companies hire out Plymouth cars?

Practical Car & Van Rental, Thrifty Car & Van Rental, Avis and Plymouth rent cars in the UK. Budget and Best Car Rental rent Plymouth cars in New Zealand. Budget rents Plymouth cars in Canada.

Does Enterprise rental only rent American cars?

Enterprise allows you to rent from several countries out of the United States. The website states that you may set up a rental in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany.

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