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Q: Does Nevada have any valleys
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What are Nevada's major valleys?

Three ...... I think

Which valley lies between California's sierra Nevada and coast ranges - the central valleys or shenandoah valleys?

Central Valley, definitely

What are the four regions of Nevada?

1. Columbia Plateau 2. Great Basin 3.Sierra Nevada 4. Mojave Desert Hopefully this helps! If you need any more help with anything email me at -Morgan =>

What is Nevada's terrain?

The terrain in the state of Nevada varies from mountains to valleys to the desert land. There are lakes, such as Lake Tahoe, which provide an oasis like effect.

Does Antarctica have any valleys?

Yes, there are mountains and valleys in Antarctica.

Does the Nile have any 'v' shaped valleys?

no. Unfoutanetly there isnt any vshaped valleys in the nile

What is the region in California that consists of long mountain ranges and valleys called?

The region in California that consists of long mountain ranges and valleys is called the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Does mars have any mountains or valleys?

valleys some of the tallest mountains and deepest valleys known in the solar system.

What are the land formations in Nevada?

The majority of the state of Nevada is a part of the Great Basin. Flat, desert valleys are divided by narrow strips of mountain range. Nevada ranks second behind the state of Alaska in total mountain summits with 172.

Are there any valleys on Mercury?


Does Pluto have any valleys?


What is the sierra Nevada mountains?

A mountain range of eastern California extending about 644km(400mi) between the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys and the Nevada border. MT.Whitney,4,420.7m(14,494ft)is the highest elevation.