Valleys are geological depressions located between two or more mountains or hills. Most valleys are either U-shaped or V-shaped, and the floors usually span six miles. The Nile and Death Valleys are two well-known valleys.

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How are mountains formed?

Volcanic mountains are formed either through the introduction and accumulation of magma over a crustal "hot spot" or through volcanic activity associated with the collision and subduction of a crustal plate, where the melting of the subducted crust creates magma, gases and pressures that are released in eruptions.

Continental crustal plate collisions, where neither plate subducts, create mountain ranges such as The Himalayan Mountain Range, where crustal material is thrust upward faster than erosion can wear it down.

Plates can stretch until they crack and slide, forming fault-block mountains.

In the ocean, great underwater mountains are formed when plates spread away from one another, and melted rock pushes up through the gap, creating hot, buoyant elevations of new crust (a simplification of the process).
Many mountains inclueding Everest were created by two of Earths tectonic plates pushing against each other.

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How do V-shape valleys form?

by water running over and under the same place

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What are multi-river valley projects?

Multipurpose river valley project is one which has more than one use it has many uses like for agriculture - to provide water for irrigation encourages tourism - by enhancing the look of the area it belongs to

encourages fishing

controls flood etc.

Death Valley

Where is silent valley located?

Mournes, northern Ireland


Where does the Great rift Valley end?

it ends in Ethiopia i think

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How do you beet grow valley the game?

Grow Valley

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What are y shaped valleys?

there are no such things

only V shaped valleys which have sides sloping down to a river that has cut the valley out of the rock

and U shaped valleys with flat bottoms and steep sides. these have been carved out by glaciers

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How far is grass valley from orangevale ca?

43 miles taking this route:

  1. Take Sierra College Blvd NORTH from Grass Valley to I-80. Follow signs to I-80 EAST.
  2. Take I-80 EAST to SR-49 to GRASS VALLEY and PLACERVILLE at EXIT 119B.
  3. Turn left off the exit ramp onto SR-49 NORTH to GRASS VALLEY. Take SR-49 NORTH to Grass Valley.

Names of plains found in Jamaica parishes?

-vere plains

-st. jago

-georges plain

-liganea plains

-pedro plains

-hd plains

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How are valleys formed?

Many are or were formed by Glaciers that literally carved out parts of mountains, or by their sheer weight depressed the earth.

A rift valley is formed when pieces of the Earth's crust move apart from each other.

V-shaped valleys are formed by the erosive effects of running water and U-shaped valleys are formed by the erosive effects of flowing glacial ice. Rift valleys occur as lithospheric plates are diverging, creating a gap between land masses which is being infilled with rising decompression melted basaltic magma and lava.

Valley is fromed by mountains,when people exploded mountains they become smached.When they are smached, machines make it smached into small pieces and they spread it every where and then they bulldoze it and after along year or time, grasses will start to grow and then it will become a valley.....
ask the grunch
valley is mostly formed from water

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What is doon valley project?

Twenty years ago , Doon Valley was crying for help to arrest the wide-spread degradation of the eco-system and improve the living standards of the poor. With the successful completion of the European Commission association with the Rs 101 crore Doon Valley Integrated (watershed)Management Project�, a new ray of hope has been ushered today in 302 villages of the valley for preserving their fragile eco-system which became the centrepiece of the project's strategy of addressing collective management issues of the watershed.

A group of European ambassadors visited some of the areas in the Doon Valley where people have demonstrated their capability to form sustainable institutions capable of managing natural resources of their villages.

Born out of concern for rapidly increasing ecological imbalance in the Doon valley, the project initiated in 1993 had sought to find solutions for regenerating and replenishing forests and water bodies and reducing soil erosion through afforestation and controlled grazing.

On the occasion of the successful completion of the project, the European delegation also met Uttaranchal Chief Minister Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and other top officials and expressed satisfaction over the outcome of the project.

it is an inspiration for other states to follow the example of the Doon Valley project.

the objective of the dvp development cooperation is to contribute India's efforts to improve the quality of life of the most of the disadvantaged members of the society.

�This is a project which can be followed by other states in India. the aim was just to demonstrate that how a collective responsibility can improve the eco-system and living standards of the poor





Death Valley

What does Death Valley look like?

Sand, rocks and cacti with 90 degree temps in the shade.

Not Exactly. The most surprising part of Death Valley are the extraordinarily tall mountains that sandwich the valley. Next is the white alkali, salty valley floor. Then there's the underground river that bottoms out at Badwater - the deepest spot in the Western hemisphere 282 feet below sea level. There are springs in the mountains and spectacular sand dunes in the middle and southern end of the Valley. Temperatures can get well over 100 in the shade in summer. I was there when it hit 127. Always have plenty of water.

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What is another name for a deep valley?

A deep valley could be called a canyon, such as the Grand Canyon.


What sea is located south of the Indus River Valley?

The Arabian Sea

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What were the indus valley seals used for?

They are used for trade . They are made of terra cotta and have writting and an animal on them . Most seals may have been used to close jars filled with a trade good such as oil. Other seals may contain the text of important myths.

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What is a river valley?

a valley through which a river runs threw.

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Where is peewee valley prison?

how can i find a current inmate in peewee valley

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What was the Tennessee Valley Authority?

The Tennessee Valley Authority [TVA] was a US government agency set up to develop and exploit the tremendous electrical power generating potential of the Tennessee Valley watershed. TVA, with the US Corps of Engineers, planned, designed, and constructed a series of dams and hydroelectric generating plants, with attendant high voltage power distribution systems. Being as this occurred during the Depression, it significantly contributed to the reduction of unemployment, and provided relatively inexpensive electric power to hundreds of thousands of folks.

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How tall is mark valley?

5' 7"

Grand Canyon

How was the Grand Canyon discovered?

For Europeans, it was found by a side exoloration from Coronado's main force when seeking the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola in 1540.

Death Valley

Do cactus live in Death Valley?

Yes they do live there.

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Death Valley

How do monument valley has been formed?

First of all, the question should have been: How was Monument Valley formed? Monument Valley (U.S.A.) is made from sandstone and is an ancient seabed. Exposure to the atmosphere and weather has gradually, over millions of years, eroded much of the soft sandstone, leaving the slightly harder portions standing. The erosion is still ongoing but rather slow, so in a few more million years Monument Valley will be just a flat desert, assuming that the world's climate does not change sufficiently to turn the area into more fertile land. Global climate changes are a natural phenomenon, and there are some good examples to prove this: Alaska is currently very cold, and Saudi Arabia is a hot desert. Both have large oil reserves, but all crude oil originates from plant matter, namely ancient trees that grew in swampy rainforests (the water stops fallen trees rotting too quickly). As new layers of matter are deposited on top of the dead forest the pressure compacts the wood first into coal and later into oil. Nowadays there is no sign of such forests in either of the two countries in my example, but the oil is there. This means that long time ago Alaska had a tropical climate, and Saudi Arabia received plenty of rain! So the future of Monument Valley is quite hard to predict; it might even become a sea bed once more, and there is no politician who could stop this happening regardless of how much tax is levied on the population of the world...and all politicians know this!

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Death Valley

Is the death of Michael Collins the topic of the song 'The Valley of Knockanure'?


The Valley of Knockanure is about Patrick Dalton, Jerry Lyons and Patrick Walsh, three young Irish men killed by the Black and Tans in May 1921. The lyrics highlight the participants

"There was Lyons and Walsh and the Dalton boy, they were young and in their prime

They rambled to a lonely spot where the Black and Tans did hide

The Republic bold they did uphold, tho' outlawed on the moor

And side by side they fought and died in the Valley of Knockanure."

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Multipurpose river valley project?

A river valley multipurpose project is a project which covers the development of dam on a sufficiently large river extended over a large geographical area. It serves many purposes at a single time like acting as a hydroelectric power plant,providing a source of clean drinking water, providing irrigation to fields, checking floods and flow of river water etc.

Death Valley

What is the elevation of Death Valley?

Death Valley is282 feet below Sea Level at its lowest point. While Death Valley is the lowest elevation in the Hemisphere, it is far from the lowest elevation in the world, such title belongs to the Dead Sea area in Israel, which is about 1,349 feet below Sea Level. The Sea of Galilee in Israel is also about 700 feet below Sea Level. The entire Jordan River is below Sea Level. Where can I get a graphic description of what portion of Death Valley is below sea level?

The elevation of Death Valley is 282 feet below sea level at its lowest point.


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