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B COM 5th sem time table? 5th sem c.a time table ujjain

Higher Secondary Certificate HSC

When is kas exam 2011?

KAS Exams are generally conducted by KPSC Authorities. This year KPSC has invited online applications from eligible candidates for recruitment of 352 Group A & B KAS Officers (Gazetted Probationers) under Karnataka Administrative Services / Karnataka Civil Services (Recruitment Rules). The commission will conduct KAS Exam (Prelims) Exam in February 2012. The KAS (Main) Exam will be conducted in the month of June.

For more importation on the eligibility criteria and the procedure to apply - please check the related links section.


How many vacancies for d ed cet 2011?

although 15000/// vacencies are avail


2 puc HEBA model papers karnataka?

Below is The Link of Karnataka 2nd PUC HEBA (History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy) Model or Previous Year Question Papers.

1. Karnataka 2nd PUC History Question Papers - Second PUC History Question Paper

2. Karnataka 2nd PUC Economics Question Papers - Second PUC Economics Question Paper

3. Karnataka 2nd PUC Business Studies Question Papers - Second PUC Business Studies Question Paper

4. Karnataka 2nd PUC Accountancy Question Papers - Second PUC Accountancy Question Paper

Bachelor of Business Management BBM

Bangalore university exam time table for bbm?

management accounting is on 13th nov from 2 pm........

Bachelors Degrees
Colleges and Universities
The Difference Between

What is the difference between a college and a school - such as a college of business vs a school of business?

The difference between "university", "college" and "school" is the size of the student body, where "university" is the greatest, and "school" is the smallest. While you can have a standalone college or school, a university is comprised of smaller schools and/or colleges; e.g., Barnard College (circa 2,300 students) is a standalone women's college that offers undergraduate degrees, while Columbia University confers its undergraduate degrees through Columbia College (ca. 4,100 students), the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (ca. 1,400 students) and the School of General Studies (ca. 1,300 students).

Informally, in the US, College usually refers to undergraduate work, following high school. A School of Business or a Business School would be the institution, within the university, that houses the business department.

French Revolution
English Spelling and Pronunciation

What is correct at the end of July or in the end of July?

It is not grammatically correct to say or write " in the end of July ".

At the end [ of any month ] is the only possibility.

I think this may help you understand it.

When you use the expression "at the end", it needs the preposition "of". In contrast, when you use "in the end", it doesn't need a preposition.

For instance:

At the end of July, we will go to Jamaica to learn some dialects.

At the end of the movie, Mary started weeping.

We were delivering a speech, and Grettel forgot what to say in the end, so we got a bad grade.

The movie was great, yet in the end, it turned a little confusing.


Can you get Bangalore university exam timetable for first sem and 3 sem of bbm 2011?

when is bangalore university exam for 1st sem BBM

Business & Finance

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO stands for SAP Finance and Control SAP FI for Finance and CO for Controlling


What will be the gold rate per gram by tomorrow?

gold rate


What is the model paper of NTSC?

National Talent Search Contest (NTSC)

(The most prestigious talent search exam in India for Class VIII) PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION

The Workbooks

MAT Workbook
  • Appropriate for the latest version of the STSE & NTSE

  • Each solved exercise is followed by unsolved DRILLS for your exhaustive practice

  • Detailed explanations have been provided for unsolved exercises

The workbook ensure that you get exactly what is asked in NTSEAdditional Information


College Applications and Entrance Requirements
Colleges and Universities

How do you get into a good college?

Keep your grades upKeep those grades up, and prepare for the ACTs/SATs. Also, admissions officers love volunteer work, so get as many hours in as you can. Also, be active in your high school. Join highly-respected clubs and groups, and get leadership positions in them. A good attitude helpsGood grades and a good attitude help. You need to have good spelling and grammar and high achievements. Volunteer work helps too. Having money in a bank account shows that you know the value of a dollar, but it counts against you more heavily when they calculate your financial "need." VolunteerYou should do volunteer work. Ask animal shelters and even your teachers if they need help. Grades, grades, gradesIf you do not keep your grades up you will never go to a great college, although most kids that do have good grades do not get into college because they do not do any extra activities. So the admissions officers think that the person only makes good grades because he has to study everyday, 24/7. Well-roundedThe most important thing is to be well rounded. Colleges look at grades (GPA), your class rank, the classes you take, the extra-curricular you participate in (both at school and outside of school), and your SAT/ACT scores. When you apply, it is also important to have well-written essays and good recomendation letters. Colleges want to see that YOU are interested in their school and willing to put in the effort. So, keep in touch with the schools you are interested in, do your best in school, and have a good variety of extra-curricular. Community Service OverratedI think the community service aspect is a completely warped view of what will satisfy the "life experience" element of the admissions process. It's one of many ways that you can enrich yourself with difference experiences, though far from the best. If admissions committees really enjoyed seeing you suffering through tedious, worthless work, they would just set up a boot camp for prospective students. Instead, focus on joining organizations (school clubs or otherwise) where you can demonstrate something in the way of leadership or constructive life experience. Cleaning animal cages and sucking exhaust fumes on the side of the highway while you're picking up fast food wrappers will probably not prepare you for the academic hardships you will face at the country's top universities. If you'd prefer to make an unrewarding career out of menial work, you should throw away your college applications, grow a mustache and get some applications for your local police department. Disagree with well-roundedThe top schools in the nation -- I'm thinking the Ivies here -- aren't interested just in well-rounded individuals...they are looking for EXCEPTIONAL students. It is far better to be, say, the president of a club than a member of many disparate ones. It is better to be an all-state softball player than an unexceptional player in three sports. It is better to have had one essay published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine than a hundred articles printed in local newspapers. It is better to have made $100,000 for yourself with some sort of clever innovation than volunteering a few hours a week at the local hospital. Ivy league schools want tomorrow's leaders and world-changers, not well-rounded get-alongs. Make a mark for yourself in something or somehow and you will stand out from the others in the admission process. Interview">Interview">Interview">InterviewThe Ivy league schools plus a few others require personal interviews. Be ready for questions like "What are you reading now?" and questions about current events. You can be a genius but if you know nothing about what's going on in Darfur or you're reading chick-lit you're going to have a problem. You just won't have the knowledge to keep up at a great school. Essays">Essays">Essays">Essays

As a college consultant, I think students can tip the scale in their favor by writing captivating essays. This takes some brainstorming and self-reflection, but too many colleges say that 90% of the essays they receive are boring.

Think about what makes you unique compared to the other kids in your high school and what a college may want to know about you that they don't already know from your application. Do more than one draft and proofread more than one time. Ask someone else to read it back to you so you can see how it sounds and whether you would want to make any word or structural changes.

Also Disagree with Well-Rounded

It's good to be well-rounded, but the best students will excel in one or two areas, and will have the most likely chance of admittance into a top college. These students may have attended or won some national or international competition, published original scientific research, started a homeless shelter, played the lead violin position in their city's orchestra, and so on.

As Joe Jewell puts it in his article about well-rounded students, "colleges want to build a well-rounded class rather than individually admit well-rounded students."

There are many good universities like Lovely professional University, jaypee university, NIRMA etc in India which have there own test for admission if grades are less. Also Lovelhy university is in great news as it provides admission assistance and scholarship based upon the written test.

There are many good universities which provide admission based upon there entrance test. Some of these universities are :

Galgotia University

Lovely Professional University

KIIT university.

Lovely professional University is an international university which provides quide good scholarship too.


What is the syllabus for kas prelims 2011?

please see the prajavani news paper of THE DATE 12/09/2011

Indian Express

What is the URL for the New Indian Express e-paper Bangalore edition?

Please see the related links section for the URL of New Indian Express e-paper Bangalore edition.

Massage Therapy

Where are the best massage parlours in Bangalore?

Maharasthra State Entrance Engineering Test MHT-CET

When is casual vacancy round in cet karnataka?

august 12 2010 only at bangalore, gulbarga & hubli.


What is the current inflation rate in Bangalore India?

Inflation rate in Bangalore as on September 2010 will be around 20%.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

What is the Madras University UG exam time table 2011?

i need time table ug


Where can you get second PUC model question papers of Karnataka?

Do check it out in the 'Question Bank' section at

Math and Arithmetic

What is a supplementary persona?

supplementary persona or as "the other you" is when a person feel like he/she has 2 or more different personality

Software and Applications (non-game)
Computer Terminology

Hi you want DFD of ERP?

Yes, I want one...Can you give one?

Graduate Degrees
Business Communication
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business communication lecture notes for BBA 2nd sem?

send me all rule of equation

Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE

What are the benefits to homeschooling a child who is already the top of his class and enjoys school?

Your child will be free to move at his or her own pace. When my parents first pulled me out of public school in the second grade, any worries they had that they might not be doing the right thing dissipated when I flew through a reading textbook in three weeks that my peers were using for the ENTIRE YEAR. This was 18 years ago, when homeschooling was not nearly as popular as it is now, but my parents quickly realized that they were now free to encourage my learning in a way they simply weren't before. When I finished reading Anne Frank, my mother was able to take me to the Holocaust Museum and let me go more in depth on a topic I was suddenly hungry to know more about. That would not have been possible if I was still in public school. If nothing else, homeschooling gives you a better opportunity to be the strongest influence and model of ethics and behavior in your child's life, which is often not the case with school-taught children who are visually and audibly assaulted daily with a parade of negative and inappropriate behavior from their peers.

We have homeschooled our children for several years, and it has been working out great. If the child is interested, there are some upsides to homeschooling. There are the factors of more hands on learning, more field trips, a looser schedule, and a more focused environment. You can do things that are spontaneous. For instance, Jet Blue had a huge special a few months back. We decided to buy tickets, and flew from Florida to New York City. The kids got to go to the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Museum of Natural History, and a couple of other places. We do a lot of field trips that we would not be able to regularly pull them out of school for. We experience very hands on learning. On the other hand, public school is great for some kids. Homeschooling isn't for everyone. If your child is at the top of their class, and enjoying school, you may want to examine why you would consider changing this? Everyone's situation is different. I have two cousins that went to public school. One is now in med school, and the other just graduated as a mechanical engineer. If you are fortunate enough to have a decent public school in your area, and your child is happy and learning, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of it.


Is iame-Bangalore a government or private institute?

IAME, Bangalore is an Autonomous Institute conducting Management courses. The unique feature of the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM, 2year full time) is the one year internship(fake) with stipend which enables real - time experience of the corporate world along with regular classroom sessions.

Other courses offered are MBA(Anna University-distance learning).

To know the truth please vist:


Who is the CEO of SAP labs India?



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