Rajasthan is the largest state of India covering an area of 132,150 sq mi. The state attracts numerous foreign and domestic tourists every year as it is home to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur.

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Importance of aravalli hills in Rajasthan?

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what is the importance of aravalli hills in rajasthan
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Is JANARDAN RAI NAGAR RAJASTHAN VIDHYAPEETH DEEMED UNIVERSITY udaipur recognised it is recognised by UGCAIU and DEC in 2002?

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Actually JRN Rajasthan has been recognized as the full fledged university. see the Ministry of Education link here http://www.education.nic.in/HigherEdu/univers.asp#Rajasthan == == I have the following link. http://prayatna.typepad.com/education/2005/03/analysis_of_the.html Please search for the particular university in this link and you should get an answer.
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Is Jat higher caste than rajput?

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The true meaning of rajput i.e. son of king. I think you should also know a king doesn't have any caste but only a religion (Raj dharma) and only the public has the caste so that they can fight over it to prove their superiority.Let be clear more on that who should be called a Rajput. We would talk about a great king called Prithiviraj Raj chouhan. Prithiviraj raj chouhan fathered a son and till now his descendents are in 42nd leg. Lets integrate all these and presently there should not be more than 1000 chouhan including all other chouhan kings on the holy mother earth who has king's blood in their veins. Prithiviraj who died at the age of 43 and his many grandsons to grandsons having his blood are really the son of king and be called the descendant of chouhan clan. Now the number game; chouhan's total pollution in India is more than 20 to 30 lacs so the question arises from where they all came from when they are not son of the chouhan king. Did you ever think about it? Let's thinkWhat happens in earlier time when a king died or killed? People of that kingdom started moving out for the sake of job and security. That times in another kingdom how they introduced themselves? They used to give their identity with the surname of the king eg. "Chouhan Walle". Anyone from the kingdom like laborer, barber, Sepoy, mazdoor ,toilet-cleaner , smiths , tailor and other people of the kingdom used to introduced themselves with the surname of the king in another states like "Chouhan Walle" whenever anyone questioned "Bhai kon ho tum". As time passed they removed "Walle" from their identity and started using chouhan as their surname and became the rajput. This is applicable to all rajput clans because we need to understand that when we say rajput then he must be the son of the king of some palace like maharaja of Jodpur or Dholpur or Hyderabad .In earlier time people (especially lower caste) shifted their native place and changed their surname with time( As learnt from their native place) and become the pretended son of the king but the truth is King used to be the richest , skilled and most powerful man of a state but how rich are the people who claim to be the rajput. These self-claimed rajputs generally doesn't know their caste and did a caste upliftment with the reference of King's clan or took benefits of the social chaos happened after any king's death. First answer me; people who claim to be rajput are the son of whose king? Are they actually satisfying the true meaning of the Rajput or just cracking a Joke on themselves? Because 98% of Rajputs are not emperors (living in very poor condition in many parts of Rajasthan, UP, MP, Haryana and women doing uncultured activities in many villages. Visit to any villages of these states to see what are your real rajput doing there?. Doing jobs of water filling, Security guards, Nai, Drivers , selling Panipuries . Please help them) and 98% rajput fit into the scenario discussed above are called GOLAs in Rajasthan. The meaning of GOLAs in Rajasthan is Dasi putra or son of barber, sepoy, mazdoor , toilet cleaner , smith , tailor , dhobi etc. who was employed in the Raj-Tantra . Many historian called them Aam rajput . Aam rajput should see their body, height, facial complexion and see whose son they look like or where they best fit into Indian caste system. Now talk about the remaining 2% of rajputs who are called samwanti rajput and are the real Rajput or son of king like scindia family,Gaytri devi family in Jaipur and for others just do a google search. Calling oneself a rajput means a lot. They must understood the fundamental characteristics of being a rajput and then only one should pronounce to be a rajput. First look at your financial status, your looks whether you look like a prince or GOLA , have bold heart or Chaploose because I have seen many aam rajputs self praising themselves but in another scenario they are the first to lick ass of their bosses or shivering when it comes to fight , on that occasion their real man comes out and shows they belong to some lower caste of the society. So before pronouncing oneself as rajput one shall measure on the scale on financial status, body, guts, intelligence, facial complexion and other Princely parameters and then see whether they qualifying for a GOLAput or rajput. Being a Ph.d student of social changes I surprise how lower caste did upliftment of their caste under the name of Rajputs by shifting their place and adding king's surname behind their name and offering their daughters to Bhahmins. This could be understood again by the conversation between the two.Gopi(A Sepoy and a neighbor of Babulal) : Kon ho tum?Babu (New habitant, settled from another state and occupation : A carpenter): main babulalGopi: Kon babulalBabulal: chouhan walle ( From the state where Chouhan clan was rulling)(Gopi to his wife)Gopi:Apne pados me a naya padosi aaya haiWife : Kon hai kaha se haiGopi: Babulal(silence) arey wo chouhan walleGradually Bababul became Babulal chouhan wallaAnd after 50 years his grandsons removed Walla from chouhan as became simply chouhan as grandson of Babulal chouhan. From carpenter to Rajput. And generally such rajputs more loudly and proudly call themselves rajput because it always has been a human interest to link oneself to the power and money which they can't ever get. Have you ever heard about the king of Jodhpur or Gwalior calling themselves rajput because they know they are the king. They have power, property, big palaces which introduces themselves (as real rajput) before they say to someone but what about Aam rajput ?? People who claimed to be rajput first see what they and their so called dear Rajput community doing : In states like Haryana , Rajasthan, MP , UP , HP Rajputs are performing jobs of security guards, dhobis ,homegaurd , Nai, Chowkidar , drivers, auto wala means eating jobs of poor people. First look at that because a royal blood would never allow doing those things but they do it means their blood is reflecting their caste and we can conclude they were doing those jobs in all Indian history. For a hotel security guard jobs they also keep dense and long moustache to show their raoyality hahahaa.Lage raho. Waise rajputaniya rajasthan me daru mast nikalti hai, pura nasa hota hai. Cheers to rathor takurain.This is how caste conversion happened for Aam rajputs. rajput is never a caste but lower caste for their benefits got converted into aam rajputs and made it a caste. Only samwanti Rajput qualifies to be a real Rajput because they fit into the criteria of being Rajput. Rest of aam rajputs are GOLAs. So please don't make a joke of yours. Ghar pe nahi khane ko dane and ban gaye prince from Rajput gharane.What your parents were yesterday you are today.Now moving on to the JATs. In today's time they don't require any introduction because everybody accolades them from games to military, from education to politics. To know more read newspaper or watch TV.Just listen to the song in that JAAT were praised(I won't go to shivpuran and other historical references which you can find a lot on www) Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon from lata jiand findkoi sikh koi jaat maraathakoi gurakha koi madaraasiJust type JAT in reverse order and you would understand who are JAT...TAJ . The Crown.Don't be in trap of Bhahmins . They were the clever people and they were the real king maker. They know how to rule. Padde likhe hoke bhi inn batao pe wiswaas karte ho. Gajab ke ch**** ho. Had hai.. I should not write all these things(I felt really bad) because they have no meaning in today's world. First be an Indian and then a Hindu but never be a Jat, Rajput nahi to mayawati raaj karegi.Ghar se bhahar aayo bhaiyo or dekho ye dunia kaha ja raha hai or tum log abhi bhi caste sysyem me marr rahe ho jo bhrahimon ne tumhari hi lene ke liye banai thi. Koi na new generation sab sahi kar degi. Wait n watch. Padte raho apni Takur Kuran jo tumne hi likhi hai.Lage raho. Waise rajputaniya rajasthan me daru mast nikalti hai, pura nasa hota hai. Cheers to rathor takurain. I really miss her.Jai PindariV PWho_is_best_jat_or_rajput
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What is the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of south America?

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Latitudinal extent = 12'N and 56'S Longitudinal extent = 35'W and 81'W
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Mds university ajmer of rajasthan website?

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Answer If you are looking at this university particular to a MD degree, I do not see where they offer this program. However here is a link that can put you in touch with that university. In this way, they may be able to direct you appropriately.
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Why is Jaipur called the Pink City?

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Jaipur is called the Pink City because at the time, architecture of the town was very advanced and certainly the best in Indian Subcontinent. In 1853, when the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur, the whole city was painted pink to welcome him during the regime of Sawai Ram Singh. Today, avenues remain painted in pink, provide a distinctive appearance to the city. Jaipur is called the pink city because most of the old buildings of jaipur is painted in pink. Save It was painted to Pink, as the king want to show Price of Wales, the diversities of Jaipur, as if you mix all the colors it would come out to be dark brick red (Pink), with which they painted all the buildings.
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Who is the Governor of Rajasthan?

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The governor of Rajasthan is currently Smt. Margaret Alva.
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Is Kota university ma-exam time table?

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m.a final exam time table
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Name some of the Hindi poetess?

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mahadevi verma mira bai subhadra kumari chauhan
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Exam dates of M.D.S. university b a part 1?

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What is the time table of B A part I at mds university ajmer?
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Does rajasthan vidyapeeth university have a branch in Gujarat?

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Yes Rajasthan Vidyapeeth have Branch in Gujarat at Baroda The Institute's Name is Meem Institute for Management & Technical Studies (MIMTS), Vadodara you can Visit the website at http://www.mimts.in or Call at 09998505077.
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Why are air vents placed on the outside wall of house?

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They are on the outside wall so they can be vented to the air outside and not throught your house.
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Why is the longitudinal extent more than latitudinal extent of India?

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It is because as we move towards the poles, the extent between two longitudes decreases, that means they come closer and closer. This is however not the case with latitudes.Therefore though the numerical difference between latitudes and longitudes of India is same, it covers more land from North to South as compared to from East to West.
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Is BED programme of singhania university rajasthan is approved by NCTE?

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singhania b.ed college in pechari beri dist jhunjhunu rajasthan is ncte approved in the year 2005-2010. this institute has approval for the five year (2005-2010).It is affiliated by rajasthan university in the year 2005-2008 after now singhania university has estabilished in the year 2007 under section 2f 1956 ugc the institute has affiliated by singhania university. this institue has approved by ncte jaipur for the year 2008-09 and 2009-10.
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How do you say hello in India?

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Hello is said as hello, as India is a diverse country with many languages they have different words denoting hello. Otherwise it's the universal hello.In marathi you call it namaskar In Hindi its namaste prnouced- NAM- EST- TAYYY say hello in Tamil as "vanakkam"
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What are the rows of repeated posters called that are posted on city walls?

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Illegal and offensive Graffetti or Vandelism. Terms for it by those leaning to a free wheeling (or more artistic sense) would have to be more offensive, as artists generally find the idea of anyone forcing their capitalistic desires and advertising on others as particularly replusive. (These postings are generally things placed, without permission and not desired, on other peoples property that causes that property damage, and probably unwelcomingly invades the personal reaches of any others near it, promoting some business venture).
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Why is Chicago windy?

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Chicago isn't all that windy. The nickname comes from the boastfulness of its talkative politicians and boosters in the 19th century. Here's info from http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a990917.html, Cecil Adam's column in the Reader: The average mope believes Chicago was so dubbed because it's windy, meteorologically speaking. The more sophisticated set (including, till recently, your columnist) thinks the term originated in a comment by Charles Dana, editor of the New York Sun in the 1890s. Annoyed by the vocal (and ultimately successful) efforts of Chicago civic leaders to land the world's fair celebrating Columbus's discovery of America, Dana urged his readers to ignore "the nonsensical claims of that windy city"--windy meaning excessively talkative. But that may not be the true explanation either. Scouring the magazines and newspapers of the day, Popik found that the nickname commonly used for Chicago switched from the Garden City to the Windy City in 1886, several years before Dana's comment. The earliest citation was from the Louisville Courier-Journal in early January, 1886, when it was used in reference to the wind off Lake Michigan. In other words, the average mope was right all along! However, when Popik attempted to notify former Chicagoan but soon-to-be New Yorker Hillary Rodham Clinton of his findings, she blew him off with a form letter--and this from a woman facing a campaign for the Senate. Come on, Hill, quit worrying about the Puerto Ricans and pay attention here. You want to lose the etymologist vote? LATE NEWS Barry has sent me a still earlier cite from the Sept. 19, 1885 Cleveland Gazette, in which one finds the headline "FROM THE WINDY CITY" over a story datelined Chicago. "We can now say that 'Windy City' was born in 1885 and was popularized in 1886," he writes. However, the fact that the term appears without further explanation over a story appearing in Cleveland suggests the term had already achieved regional notoriety by 1885 and originated sometime previously. Clearly the last word on this subject has not yet been written. We await further word from Barry. LATER NEWS Barry now (5/26/2003) reports a cite from the Sept. 11, 1882 Cincinnati Enquirer (page 1, column 2): "CHICAGO'S RECORD. Crimes of a Day in the Windy City." A multi-deck headline over a report of a baseball game from the Oct. 7, 1882 issue of the same paper includes the line, "We Will Try It Again To-day, and Will Perhaps be Generous to the Chaps From the Windy City--Perhaps Not." Barry reports sadly that Chicago institutions such as the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Public Library continue to give credence to the discredited story that editor Charles Dana coined the phrase in the 1890s (or 1889, in one version). Barry, don't sweat it. You've persuaded the only Chicago institution that counts. LATER AND COUNTING Barry's still at it. As of June 2003 he was holed up in the newspaper room at the Library of Congress looking for "Windy City" references and had discovered a still earlier one. In the Cincinnati Enquirer for July 17, 1880, pg. 4, col. 5, under the headline "Off for Chicago," he finds the following report: "Maud S and Dream were shipped to Chicago last night in a special car, the property of W. H. Vanderbilt. Both nags were in apple-pie condition, and will give a good account of themselves in the Windy City." FROM HERE ON OUT I'M JUST MAKING A LIST Latest "Windy City" finds from Barry P.: "CHICAGO LETTER--Gossip and Impressions of the Windy City" (headline), Cincinnati Enquirer, pg. 5, col. 2, Feb. 12, 1877. "THAT WINDY CITY. Some of the Freaks of the Last Chicago Tornado" (headline), Cincinnati Enquirer, pg. 2, col. 4, May 9, 1876. Barry has discovered that on two occasions in April, 1876 the Cincinnati Enquirer referred to Chicago as the Garden City, suggesting that the May, 1876 reference to the Windy City was an early usage and that the term had not yet become the standard epithet for the city. ******************* and here's another from the Chicago Public Library http://www.chicagopubliclibrary.org/004chicago/chinicknames.html#windy ******************* The origin of the "Windy City" nickname is a bit more obscure. It is thought to be based not on the wind velocity, but on loud and windy boosterism. A Chicago Daily News article from Sept. 22, 1969 gives this origin: Blame it on John Stephan Wright and William (Deacon) Bross, two local boosters (windbags, some might say), who went up and down the East Coast yelling about the wonders of Chicago, according to Daily News library clippings.... Because of their loud boasts of the virtues of the city, Chicago was dubbed the "Windy City" after its "windy" citizenry in the 1850s, according to stories. There are a number of examples of the "Windy City" nickname being used in newspaper headlines by the mid 1880s. Examples include: "Built in Fourteen Days, Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp Outdone in the Windy City" from the June 18, 1887 issue of the Brooklyn Eagle. "From the Windy City
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Does Amity university Noida figure in the list of recognized universities of UGC?

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Amity University is fully recognised under the UGC Act to award Degrees. See www.amity.edu for more details.

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