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NY and Auto PoliciesYou can have separate policies, but most of the time, it is cheaper to be on the same policy. A NY Insurance Company will ask the question of being married, and if there are other licensed operators in the household, regardless of if they drive the car. It is always said that if there are others in the household that they do have access the the vehicle (last car in the driveway theory). If you commit fraud, you can be denied a claim.
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Q: Does New York allow spouses to have separate auto insurance policies?
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Spouses are allowed to carry separate insurance policies, as there are no laws stating otherwise. However, it is generally more cost effective for spouses to carry one together.

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This is not a legal question, but a question about the insurance policy. However, most insurance policies no longer allow children to be dependents if they are married.

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First, you'd need to find out if the company will even allow it. Many don't, either due to their own policies, or due to insurance company policies. Depending on the policies of the trucking company and/or insurance company, it may be any age. You need to check with the company to determine what their rider policy is.

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Some "permanent" insurance polices call for this. But term polices cannot. There are some policies that would allow you to benefit while you are alive if you have a terminal illness as well.

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Pre-existing home damage.Retroactive in what way? the state of Kentucky?Homeowners Insurance Policies do not cover preexisting damage to a home.

What architectural features will allow this microprocessor to access a separateโ€œI/O spaceโ€?

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How much would it cost for a 16 year-old to obtain auto insurance through State Farm?

It is relevant to your state insurance and other conditions. Contact your agent! Most states do not allow minors to enter into contractural agreements - including insurance policies. Therefore, most insurance companies require a parent or legal guardian to obatin the insurance on behalf of the minor and sign all corresponding paperwork.

Does your insurance cover a borrowed friends car without insurance?

If you are driving the car it may cover you, but it won't cover a car unless it is on your policy. Depending on your policy it may not cover you either. Some insurance policies don't cover you if you allow another driver other than yourself to drive your car. Check your policy.

What states allow insurance for domestic partners?

All US states allow insurance companies to sell and provide domestic partner coverage.

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