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yeah! after all he's related to mr.funny man joe :) and nick likes energetic girls who can make him smile/laugh!

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Does Nick Jonas like quiet girls?

nick Jonas like shy girls so yeah:)

What is Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas like?

nick Jonas is sensitive and sweet, and joe Jonas is funny and hyper. Kevin Jonas is romantic. i personally like nick Jonas best, but im like joe: hyper.

Do more girls like Joe Kevin or Nick Jonas?

nick Jonas then joe then Kevin

Does Nick Jonas like girls who are shy?

Nobody but Nick Jonas knows what kind of girl Nick Jonas likes. == ==

Does Nick Jonas like Canadian girls?

K Nick Jonas has to like Canadian girls cause that would be just not cool and if nick does not like Canadian girls its just like him not liking black girls witch is not true

Does Nick Jonas like Courtney Warren?

I like nick Jonas because he is cute, funny, smart and lots more things that i like him

Does Nick Jonas like thick girls?

No, he like slim girls.

Does Nick Jonas like English girls?


Does Nick Jonas like egyptian girls?

Nick Jonas likes all girls wherever they come from, but he only kisses one.

Does Nick Jonas like mixed girls?

Yes he does like mixed girls.

Does Nick Jonas like guys?

Nick Jonas is not gay. He likes girls as much as the next guy.

Does Nick Jonas like girls that are funny?

yes he does. he says that he likes girls who are energetic and outgoing and fun cuz he's very quiet. Im sure he does!!!!! He's related to mr funny man himself (Joe)!!!!!!!! He is used to funny!!!

Does Nick Jonas like tall girls?

Nick Jonas is dating Miss Universe as of 2014. He rose to fame with the Jonas Brothers but there is no information on if he likes tall girls or not.

Does Nick Jonas like hispanic girls?


Does Nick Jonas like girls that are active?


Does Nick Jonas like girls with dresses?

Not at all

Is Nick Jonas funny?

yes of course he is.But Nick is shy.But he is funny

Does Nick Jonas like tomboys or girly girls?

nick likes either. but he like girls who come from unusual places.

What is a girl supposed to look like so that Nick Jonas would like her?

Jonas Brothers don't care about looks. They like girls with personalities that they find charming. Joe likes someone who can have a good time with him and is funny like him. Nick likes smart girls who are kinda quiet but can be energetic, and like to read. Kevin is taken, soI'm not gonna talk about him. But the Jonas Brothers have said they like when girls wear dresses.

Which style does Nick Jonas like for girls?

he likes girls that wear dresses

Does Nick Jonas like girls who can not sing?

He likes girls no matter if they can sing or not.

Does Nick Jonas like girls that have big butt?


Does Nick Jonas have an overbite?

No but him and joe like girls that do have an overbite

Which Jonas brother is hotter?

there is no "hottest" Jonas brother. we all have our opinions. i think nick is the cutest but that's just me. a lot of other girls like nick, a lot of girls like joe, and a lot of girls like Kevin.JOE JONAS IS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Is Nick Jonas a smoker?

It has not been reported. I don't think Nick Jonas would do anything like that. He is a sweet, cute, funny, and innocent boy.