Does Nicki Minaj wear weave

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Does Nicki Minaj wear weave
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What does Nicki Minaj look like without her weave?


Does Nicki minaj have her ears pierced?

yes nicki minaj ears are pierced but she does not wear errings

Does Nicki manaj wear weave?


What size shoe does Nicki Minaj wear?

Nicki wears a size 5

Why does Nicki Minaj wear wigs?

because she can!

What did Nicki Minaj wear when she was a child?


What kind of hair weave is Nicki Minaj wearing in video see through you?

Jermany wave

Do Nicki minaj wear breast pads?


Does Nicki minaj wear makeup?

HELL YEA!! :-) check youtube the video bed by young money Nicki minaj is in diff

Who is more famous Nicki Minaj or Batman?

nicki minaj

What song did Nicki minaj wear her babrie necklace?

Super Bass

What was nicki minaj studio name?

Nicki minaj -_-