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He got two toes cut off.

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well the first thing that u want to do is make sure your finger is not breathing or talking. Get a plastic fork place it on your finger and there you go, cut the finger off. But only cut it off when there is no life in your finger.

I would not suggest cutting off your finger. There are many home remedies and over the counter wart removal products you can try as well as visiting your doctor who may be able to cut, freeze, laser or burn it off.

yes but i don't know which finger

The doctor will have to CUToff your finger

Altair's finger is cut off as part of the initiation process/a way of disguising his hidden blade

cut off the circulation of your finger and you tell me they have the same principle

no its cutting off your blood take the ring off if its still black you might have to get your finger cut off

he is a guy who got his finger cut off

Jerry did not cut it off, it was his brother who accidentally cut it off while they were chopping wood. It was the forefinger of the right hand.

No! If you cut your finger off, whether it be your whole finger or just the tip, you should not place it in milk or any liquid as it will shrink. Instead, place the finger in an airtight bag and in turn, place the bag on ice. Do not put the finger directly on the ice. Take the finger to the ER with you

Yes! his pinky and his thumb

I would say getting your finger cut off because whoa, your leg can heal but you ain't getting that finger back. But as for pain... i think there's a level at which it doesn't matter where it is, you're screaming your head off.

If it goes over you it could do so much more damage to you than just cutting off one finger.

Nightjohn was created in 1993.

Maybe your nail was cut to short and it caused your finger to have some skin taken off.

You can, My friend has done it before, but i wouldn't recomend it

It you count your thumb as a finger?

the idiot who asked this definatley could

You can feel pain and off course theirs a blood clot.

Go to the emergency room immediately. If you can find the tip of your finger, bring it with. They may be able to reattach it.

19.....unless you're counting about that other...."finger".....

its Sarny mammy Nightjohn and clel waller

No, I don't think it can, but it can pinch you with its claws. When it pinches you, it will hurt!

You caught your finger in the car door and the tip was cut off.