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Yes. Her sister is celebrity socialite Paris Hilton.

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Are Paris Hilton and Nikki Hilton related?

Yes, sisters.

Does Nikki and Paris Hilton have the same mom?

yes,they are sisters,and it's nicky,not Nikki

What is Nikki Hilton famous for?

Nikki Hilton is a model and fashion designer. She is an heiress to the Hilton family fortune and is the great-granddaughter of the Hilton hotel founder.

Who is Baron Hilton?

Baron Hilton is the brother of Paris and Nikki Hilton.

How are the Hilton sisters related to the Hilton Hotel empire?

Paris and Nikki Hilton are the daughters of Rick and Kathy Hilton. Rick and Kathy Hilton are the owners of the world famous Hilton Hotel chain. Paris and Nikki Hilton are well known socialites based mostly from the fame of their parents hotel chain. While Nikki is more subdued in the public eye, Paris has taken advantage of her parents fame, and created a fame of her own, often in the public eye and known for her relationships with other well known socialites.

Nikki and Paris Hilton are they twins?

No. Nikki is older.

Are Nikki and Crystal Reed sisters?

No, Crystal Reed and Nikki Reed are not siblings or related in any way. Crystal and Nikki may have the last name but are not related

Does Paris Hilton have sibling?

Yes she has a sister called nikki:)

Are alison reed and Nikki reed sisters?

NO they're not. Nikki Reed has no sisters she has and older and younger half brother called Nathan and Joey.

Is Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga sisters?


Are Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton sisters?


What celebrities have birthdays on October fifth?

Nikki Hilton has a birthday on October 5th.

Does Nikki Reed have Brothers and Sisters?


Is Nikki and Brie Bella sisters?


Is Nikki Minaj and Lauren London sisters?

they do look like sisters i wonder if they are

Who did Lady Gaga attend school with?

The Hilton Sisters.

What is Paris Hilton's sister name?

Its Nikki Hilton no one cares about her and that's why u don't no

Does Nikki Sixx have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, Nikki Sixx has two brothers and sisters one deceased names are Bobby Feranna who is currently 45 years old 4 years younger than Nikki Sixx and Sebastian Sixx who is 42 and seven years younger than him. He has one half-sister named Ceci. His older sister Lisa died when Nikki Sixx was in his thirties.

Who did lady gaga go to high school with?

The Hilton sisters

In Heroes What was the names of the three sisters?

Nikki, Jessica, Tracy

What was Nikki Giovanni's sisters and brothers name?

Nikki's sisters name was Gray Ann Giovanni. She did not have a brother.

What are the release dates for E True Hollywood Story - 1996 The Hilton Sisters?

E True Hollywood Story - 1996 The Hilton Sisters was released on: USA: 22 February 2005

What is the name of Edward Cullen's sisters?

He is sisters with Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) and Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed)

Does Nikki Hilton wear colored contacts?

yes. Nikki and Paris both wear contacts. The contacts are custom made to go well with their hair and skin tone. The contacts are about $400

Is Paris and Nikki Hilton bisexual?

Yes they r. Actually the first person Paris dated was a girl then a boy:)

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