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No, Ohio State's winning percentage is 71.6%. It is the fifth highest of All-time.

The University of Michigan holds the highest winning percentage of 74%

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Q: Does Ohio state have the best winning percentage of all time in college football?
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What team has the lowest winning percentage in college football?

University of Idaho .362 winning percentage (Kansas State has most all-time losses.)

Winningest college football team this decade?

Boise State 112 wins with a .868 winning percentage

Which college football team has the best winning percentage for the last 50 years?

North Dakota State University Bison

What college baseball has the best winning percentage in the history of college baseball?

Arizona State

What college has the best win percentage in football?

To me Penn State.

Longest active winning streak in college football?

Boise State University with 24 wins

Which college football team has the best winning percentage for the last 100 years?

Thee Ohio State University. You build your teams around our coaches. It's ok. You need all the help you can Get!

In the past 50 years Which collage football team has the best winning percentage?

The Ohio State University, THen Oklahoma

How many Wins does The Ohio State University Football team have all together?

808 with a 71.6 winning percentage.

What is Ohio State's all time football record?

808-35-35 (#5) winning percentage 71.7% (#4)

What is the worse record for an ncaa 1AA football champion?

The lowest winning percentage is .769 (10-3) by Boise State in 1980.

What is the longest winning streak for Michigan against Michigan state in college football?

7 Michigan won 8 straight from 1970-1977