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No, Ohio State's winning percentage is 71.6%. It is the fifth highest of All-time.

The University of Michigan holds the highest winning percentage of 74%

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Q: Does Ohio state have the best winning percentage of all time in college football?
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Which college football team has the highest winning percentage since 2000?

Boise State

What team has the lowest winning percentage in college football?

University of Idaho .362 winning percentage (Kansas State has most all-time losses.)

Winningest college football team this decade?

Boise State 112 wins with a .868 winning percentage

What college football teams have best winning percentage last 10 years?

To the best of my knowledge, Boise State.

Which college football team has the best winning percentage for the last 50 years?

North Dakota State University Bison

What college baseball has the best winning percentage in the history of college baseball?

Arizona State

What college has the best win percentage in football?

To me Penn State.

Longest active winning streak in college football?

Boise State University with 24 wins

Which is the losingest college football program?

As of the start of the 2007 season, for division 1A college football teams that had played at least 500 games total, the worst winning percentage belongs to Kent State University whose win loss record is 294-467-28 for a winning percentage of .390. The division 1A team with the most all time losses is Northwestern University whose all time win loss record is 453-604-44 for a winning percentage of .431.

Who has the best bowl game winning percentage in college football history?

As of the 2008 season, for schools that have played at least 10 bowl games, that would be Utah with a 10-3 record for a .769 winning percentage. For schools that have played at least 20 bowl games that would be Penn State with a 26-12-2 record for a .675 winning percentage.

What college quarterback has the highest winning percentage?

In any division it is Cullen Finnerty of Grand Valley State.

What college baseball team has the best winning percentage in the past 31 years?

Witchita state shockers

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