Does Olympus still exist

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Yes it is the highest mountain in Greece, located in the Olympus Range on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia.

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Q: Does Olympus still exist
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Where did Hestia exist?

Ancient Greece, Olympus.

Where did the Greek gods live and exist?

Zeus lived on top of Mount Olympus.

Are Mount Olympus and the gods real and in heaven?

No one on Earth has been to Heaven, that I know of. So technically this question can only be answered by opinion. On my opinion, no, Mount Olympus and the greek gods are not real and in Heaven. Mount Olympus does however exist in Greece. But on the other hand, the greek gods are myths, therefore, they do not exist.

Do the Gods of Mount Olympus exist?

No, they are notAs real as any other god.Of course they don't! They are just a myth. Though some people still believe in them, they're NOT real.That's exactly like saying that Jesus wasn't real, that God/Allah/Buddha isn't real, that the God and the Goddess don't exist. By saying that the Olympians do not exist, you are critcising a belief that, in fact, used to be a major religion.I for one, believe that the Olympians exist. They may be part of a mythology, but that doesn't make them fictional creatures. Watch what you say...They are mythological gods. They don't exist. People build houses on Mt. Olympus and live there and climb it. Are there any gods? No! Also Greek Mythology says Olympus reaches the heavens, it isn't even as tall as Mt. Everest!

Is the Olympus volcano in your solar system?

Yes. Olympus Mons is a volcano on Mars, which is in our solar system. While there is little doubt that volcanoes exist on planets outside our solar system, we have no means of observing them.

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yes, because we still exist

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yes it does still exist :)

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Yes, they still exist.

Does the Quapaw Pueblo still exist?

Yes they still exist

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Yes, many aircraft still exist.

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