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yes it does but it does not cover contacts that you actually put in your eye those clear thing yeah your welcome!!

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โˆ™ 2012-08-31 22:50:13
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Q: Does Oregon health plan standard cover contact lens?
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Does Oregon Health Plan cover braces?

Unfortunately, No, it does not...

Does the Oregon health plan cover braces?

No they dont cover braces because its considered cosmetic.

Does Oregon health plan cover chiropractors?

Oregon Health Plan does not provide coverage for chiropractors. However, individuals on Oregon Health Plan may be eligible for a discount on chiropractic services depending on the provider.

Does health insurance cover air purifiers for asthma sufferers?

Possibly if you have a prescription for it, contact your benefits coordinator for your health carrier and ask them what is required to get this covered.

What different health insurance plans are offered by Medibank?

Medibank offers many different health insurance plans. It offers hospital cover, extras cover, and ultra health cover. Ultra health cover combines hospital cover and extras cover.

Is there an international standard for fax cover sheets?

Yes, there are international standard fax cover sheets. These type of fax cover sheets are actually known as standard fax cover sheets. Being standard helps them to be international.

Does the mother's health insurance cover the new baby?

Contact your carrier direct, most will cover the baby while in the hosptial after birth, but of course, they will have to be added to the policy, and premium paid for that child.

Will my PIP car insurance cover my medical expenses if I don't have health insurance in California?

Car insurance wont cover health insurance. Car insurance will cover any medical bills related to an automobile accident you are involved in though. If you were in an automobile accident, contact your auto insurance company right away.

Do most vision insurance plans cover daily contact lens?

Health Insurance policies cover cataract/retinal surgery expenses,damge to eyes due to accident. Cost of contact lens, specs do not come within the purview of medical insurance policy.

What does Blue Cross Anthem not cover under their insurance policy?

The best way to determine what Blue Cross Anthem does not cover is to contact your local health insurance agent. Much of the insurance industry is in flux right now due to the Affordable Health Care act.

In what states is Kaiser Permanente health insurance available?

Kaiser Permanente health insurance is administered through eight regional entities. These cover California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Ohio.

Will the insurance company cover the cost of home care for my mother?

In general most health insurance polices cover the cost of home health care. But each policy will have certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify. You need to contact her insurance company for more details.

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