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It has been falling apart for ages!

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Does Paul Revere have any handicaps?


Did Paul Revere get any medals?


Did Paul Revere do any inventions?


What did Paul Revere order his troops to do?

he didn't have any.

What did Paul Revere do after the war?

he didn't do anything after the war or after any wars

Does Paul Revere have any scars?

No new ones for over a century.

How did Paul Revere affect the Native Americans?

Revere lived in Boston and had his business there. I doubt he came into contact with any Native Americans.

Was Paul Revere older than any of his children?

All of them, they're HIS children.

Did Paul Revere get any awards?

i wanna know cause its for a school preject

What was Paul Revere afraid of?

No historical account relates any fear he may have had.

Did Paul Revere Have Any Siblings?

He had 11 siblings, he was the third oldest SON, in the familly

Did paul revere have any secrets and if he did what were they?

No secrets are known. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been secrets.

Are there any monuments to honor Paul Revere?

Yes. In the State of Massachusetts, I cant remember wear, there is the preserved house of Paul Revere, and near there is a big statue of him on a horse. I think this is on the freedom Trail. Hoped it Helped!

Are there any Paul Revere books?

As far as I know, Paul Revere never wrote any books. (He was mainly known for being a very successful silversmith, and you can see some of his work at historical museums like Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.) Revere did, however, write letters, and some of them have survived. You can see several of his hand-written letters digitized via the Massachusetts Historical Society. But if you are asking if there are books about Paul Revere, undoubtedly there are. A good resource for accurate historical information about Paul Revere's life is Boston's Paul Revere House Museum. I enclose the link.

Did Paul Revere have any sisters?

Paul Revere (1734-1818) had five sisters:Deborah Revere (1732-1764) married Thomas Metcalf.Frances Revere (1736-1763) married Edward Calleteau.Elizabeth Revere (b. 1743) died in infancy.Mary Revere (1743-1801) married first, Edward Rose. They had three children. After Edward's death, she married Alexander Baker.Elizabeth Revere (1745-1811) married David Colson Moseley.

Are there any of Paul Revere's descendants living in Oregon?

It is possible that Paul Revere has descendants living in Oregon, although there are no official records of this. Paul Revere married Sarah Orne on August 4, 1757. They had eight children. Sarah died after giving birth to her last child in 1772. Paul married Rachel Walker on October 10, 1773, and they had eight children. Paul Revere had a total of sixteen children and eight grandchildren.

Who was a part of the shot heard around the world?

Paul Revere was one of them... dont know any others...

Are there any cities named after Paul Revere?

There are many cities named Revere, however there are only a few places officially named after Paul Revere (as opposed to another Revere).Revere, Massachusetts took its name in 1871.Paul Revere Village in Karlsruhe, Germany used to be a US Army station of some sort.Those are the only two cities that were readily apparent in research, and even then the Village in Germany may or may not be an actual village, but rather could be the name of a building.Further, a village is not a city, so that too may not count, even if it is an actual village.

Did paul McCartney have any problems with John Lennon?


How did paul revere have kids?

Same way as any other human. He had intercourse with a fertile woman and waited 9 months.

Did Paul McCartney have any problems?

Paul has admitted to smoking marijuana; he was arrested for this in Tokyo in 1980

Why did Paul Revere not like the British?

Because the British were taxing things and the Americans didn't want to be ruled by the British any more.

Why was Paul Revere important to the American Revolution?

Well, Paul Revere wasn't as integral to the revolution as say, Thomas Jefferson. He has earned his place in history books for warning "The the British are coming!", which was part of the revolution, though any number of people could have done that. (And no, Revere did not actually yell "The British are coming!" as commonly thought). In fact, there were others who rode with Revere that are scarcely mentioned, even though it was through their efforts that the message was passed to the Patriots.

Were there any problems did paul encouter in the New Testament?

Paul faced many problems in the new testament. He was shipwrecked, put in Jail and the church of Corinth gave him trouble.

What role did paul Revere play in the battle of Lexington and concord?

He didn't play any role.The fable of Revere comes from a Longfellow poem written in 1861 and in reality he didn't ride through the night yelling about the British coming.

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