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no it does not

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What kind of books does Penguin Publishing publish?

The types of books Penguin Publishing publish are trade books. Trade books are a book intended to be sold to the general public. They are the books you expect to see in your local book shops.

Where are the Headquarters of Ladybird Books?

The headquarters of Ladybird Books are in London, United Kingdom. They are part of the Penguin Group, but trade as their own stand-alone imprint. They primarily publish children's books.

Do you publish adult joke books?

Who publish them?

How do you publish books?

When was Penguin Books created?

Penguin Books was created in 1935.

What is difference between a multimedia computer and a business computer?

A multimedia computer is a computer that handles things like sound and video animation - truly optimized for high performance. A business computer handles business applications such of budgeting, payroll and appointment books.

Where do you get the blue books in Club Penguin?

you have to buy club penguin books to get it

Who publishes Janosch's books in English?

'Hippo Books' publish the books in English.

How many books did Jack London publish?

8sex books

What do publishers do?

Publishers publish books.

How do you publish a cook book?

You publish all books the same way. Here's a link!

How do you use publish in a sentence?

its very easy for example,authors write books and publish them.

How many books did Jerry Spinelli publish?

he has published 26 books

How many books has Patricia Reilly Giff publish?

282 books

What accomplishments did Jeff Kinney?

publish books have. have kids love his books

Does scholastic publish books?

Yes. Scholastic does publish books but you have to have a really good book to publish it. I am a writer and i know that you have to have a really good book to get published. Good luck with your book i hope i helped

What are some famous companies that publish books worldwide?

There are not many companies which publish books worldwide. It is possible to publish ebooks with Amazon, Kindle and iBookStore. All of those websites can be accessed worldwide.

How many books did Newton publish?


How many books did avi publish?

No. Cane you

What books did Ernest Hemingway publish?


Where can you buy club penguin wiki books?

I have seen a lot of Club Penguin Books in Waterstones. There are a variety of books about CP :)

How many books did Dr.Suess publish?

In total Dr.Suess wrote 44 books.

What books did Jack Trelawny write?

How many books did jack trelawny publish

Which companies publish travel books?

Avalon is one of the largest companies publishing travel books. Whitecap Books Ltd. and Summersdale Publishers Ltd. are two others that publish this sort of material.

What types of books do Broadman and Holman typically publish?

Broadman and Holman offer a great variety of church related books. Some examples of books they publish are the Creature of the Word, Words and Invisible.