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Q: Does Pokemon Stadium star have virus?
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Where is Pokemon stadium at Pokemon Yellow?

in Pokemon yellow there is no Pokemon stadium

What Pokemon games can you play on Pokemon Stadium?

You can play Pokemon Stadium.

Who is the tenant of Red Star Stadium?

The tenant of Red Star Stadium is Red Star Belgrade in Serbia.

What do you do on Pokemon Stadium to get Pokemon?

Well, Pokemon Stadium is a rather old game. And in it, you do not catch Pokemon, you choose from a selection of them to battle with.

What are some Pokemon Stadium cheats?

cheats can spoil the game search Pokemon stadium Pokemon codes

Is there another game like Pokemon Stadium?

Pokemon stadium 2,yes

What consoles is Pokemon Stadium for?

Pokemon Stadium is exclusive to the Nintendo 64 console.

Can you level up Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium?

No, it is not possible to level up Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium.

What is the capacity of Red Star Stadium?

The capacity of Red Star Stadium at Belgrade in Serbia is 55,538.

How do you get the Pokemon Stadium 1 in Smash Bros Brawl?

brawl on Pokemon stadium 2 15x

PokΓ©mon Stadium 1 is from which generation?

Pokemon Stadium 1 features Generation I pokemon and concepts.

In Pokemon Stadium can you catch Pokemon?


How do you get Pokemon on Pokemon Stadium?

In Pokemon stadium you can either rent 6 of the 150 pokemon for a battle, Gym challenge or Stadium tournament or you can hook your Pokemon gameboy color games to the controller and use the appropriate Pokemon you have on your party the last time you saved. If you play on an emulator however, you can only rent Pokemon.

How do you get the Pokemon Stadium1in Smash Bros Brawl?

To unlock the original Pokemon Stadium, you must play on Pokemon Stadium 2 10 times.

Where can you buy the Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2 game besides eBay?

Search for Pokemon stadium on Google, then when that page loads press on shopping at the top of the page and that will take you to a bunch of Pokemon stadium games.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Red to a Pokemon Stadium ROM?


What Pokemon games are on Nintendo 64?

Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap.

Do you have to use your GBA in Pokemon Stadium?

No although it's impossible to use the GBA for the game. You can use the GBA to play the pokemon games that are compatible with Pokemon Stadium

Are there rental Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?


What are all the n64 pokemon games?

Pokemon Stadium Pokemon Stadium 2 Hey You, Pikachu! Pokemon Puzzle League Pokemon Snap

How do you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium to Pokemon Blue?

you need a transfer pak

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Fire Red to Pokemon Stadium 2?

you cant

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby emerald to Pokemon Stadium 2?


Is Pokemon collesium a sequel to Pokemon Stadium 2?

No, they were separate.

When was Pokemon Stadium created?

Pokémon Stadium was created on 1999-04-30.