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yh it is but next time go to a diffent site i dont hold everythink you mong

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Q: Does Potassium Bromide occur naturally in nature?
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How many elements start naturally in nature?

how may elements occur naturally in nature

How does sodium occur?

Sodium is a very reactive metal. It doles not occur freely in nature. It is found in the form of its salts like sodium chloride, sodium bromide etc

Does potassium naturally occur as a solid liqiud or gas?

it is in the form of solid because it makes earth crust

Where does krypton occur naturally?

Only in nature, in the atmosphere of the Earth.

What is the use of isotope of oxygen?

The isotopes are not manufactured for specific uses, they occur in nature naturally.

Does quick lime occur naturally in nature?

Lime naturally occurs in the earth's crust, mostly containing carbonates and oxides. Quicklime is usually processed, and is rather caustic in nature.

Does aluminum naturally occur?

Aluminum is abundant in the earth's crust, however it does not occur by itself in nature. All of the aluminum in nature is found combined with another element or compound.

Do minerals occur in nature?

They all do. This is a scientific definition of a mineral: A mineral is a naturally occurring chemical compound, usually of crystalline form and abiogenic in origin.

Why is calcium similar to strontium and magnesium?

because they are all alkaline earth metals and occur naturally in nature.

Mendelevium does it occur naturally in nature or is manmade?

Mendelevium is an artificial chemical element.

What is a diatomic molecule in nature?

Which of the following does not occur naturally as a diatomic molecule? Chlorine, Hyrdogen, nitrogen or sulfur?

How many elements shown in the periodic table do not occur in nature on earth?

118 total - 92 natural elements= 26 elements that do not naturally occur===========================