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Ramadan is a Muslim event. It is celebrated by Muslims, so wherever Muslims are, that is where Ramadan is.

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All around the world in Muslims' house

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Q: Does Ramadan occur in a specific place?
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What festivals occur in Iraq?


When does eid take place?

After Ramadan

What festival takes place at the end of Ramadan?

Muslims celebrate "Eid al-Fitr" after the completion of Ramadan. This is the first day after Ramadan. On this day Muslims stop their fasting.

What mouth on the Islamic alender is Ramadan?

Presumably, Ramadan takes place in Muslims' mouths. As a fast holiday, it is really only practice by those who are not eating. Since Ramadan is an Islamic holiday, it is Muslims who observe it.If the question was simply a misspelling of the question: "What MONTH does Ramadan take place in?" the answer is that the celebration takes place during the month of Ramadan. On the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is a name of one of the months. However, this does not match up consistently with the Gregorian (Western) calendar since the Islamic Calendar has only 354 days. As a result, Ramadan comes 11-12 days earlier on the Gregorian Calendar every year. As a result, in 2017, Ramadan will be primarily in the month of June (May 26-June 25), but in 2000, Ramadan was primarily in the month of December (November 27-December 27).

Ramadan takes place?

September first 2008

When will start ramdan in Dubai?

The actual date for Ramadan is not fixed. Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. In 2009, Ramadan will take place from 20 August to 18 September. In 2010, Ramadan will take place from 09 August 2010 to 07 September.

When does labor specialization occur?

Labor specialization takes place whenever workers are assigned specific tasks.

Is Ramadan pronounced as Ramadan or Ramalan?

Of course as Ramadan (رمضان)Even though Ramadan is the dominant pronunciation, in some countries (like Turkey) it is pronounced as Ramazan and in others (like Iraq) it is pronounced as Ramathan where the "th" is the "th" in "them". There is no place where it is pronounced as Ramalan.

What does where does this story take place means?

"Where does this story take place?" is asking for the setting or location where the events of the story occur. It seeks information on the specific place or environment that serves as the backdrop for the narrative.

Do you have to pray tarawih on the last day of ramadhan?

It doesn't look like a specific prayer for the last day of Ramadan exists.

How do you wish on ramadan?

You say Ramadan Kareem and your reply is Allah Akram. Or you simply say Ramadan Mubarak but after Ramadan has started.

How do you greet somebody for Ramadan?

During Ramadan you greet by saying: "Ramadan Mubarak" or "Ramadan Kareem" or "Marhaban ya Ramadan"