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Privacy is important and it is not appropriate to discuss someone else's personal relationships without their consent. It's best to respect their privacy on such matters.

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Q: Does Roman de Peralta have a girlfriend?
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Who is roman de peralta girlfrend?

As of my last update, Roman De Peralta is not known to have a girlfriend. His personal life may have changed since then.

Who is Roman De Peralta?

Roman De Peralta is a lead vocalist in a band "Kolohe Kai"

How old is roman de peralta?

Turned 19 on January 30, 2011.

What is the birth name of Paeng de Peralta?

Paeng de Peralta's birth name is Vicente Rafael A. de Peralta.

What is the population of Peralta de Calasanz?

Peralta de Calasanz's population is 274.

What is the population of Peralta de Alcofea?

The population of Peralta de Alcofea is 670.

When was Leonel Grave de Peralta born?

Leonel Grave de Peralta was born in 1976.

When was José Francisco de Peralta born?

José Francisco de Peralta was born on 1783-04-03.

When did José Francisco de Peralta die?

José Francisco de Peralta died on 1844-09-16.

What nationality is Kolohe Kai band?

Kolohe Kai is a music group of Americans living in Hawaii. The lead singer, Roman De Peralta, is of Filipino descent courtesy of his Pagkalinawan and de Peralta families. The drummer is Caucasian and the rest of the band members are of mixed Hawaiian ancestry.

Does kolohe Kai a filipino?

Yes, Kolohe Kai is a Hawaiian band formed by Roman De Peralta, who is of Filipino descent.

When did Manuel María de Peralta y Alfaro die?

Manuel María de Peralta y Alfaro died in 1930.