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No. But they have a official fan page -

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No. No Korean Artists have Facebook accounts.

I've found Key's Twitter account. Its @90KKB (Improved answer) SHINee members DON'T have Twitter account. @90KKB is Kim Kibum from ex-member of U-KISS. but not KEY from SHINee! Sorry.

Yes, shinee Key is older than Minho. Key was born on September 23, 1991 and Minho was born on December 9, 1991.

No, he has a boyfriend.

no.. but the shinee had a me2day acount and all of them shares the same account and onew has his own me2day...

There is no serial key for Facebook Hacker V3. This is because any program that causes an account to be hacked is illegal.

i wish.. but no they dont. because of their busy schedule most kpop artists cannot have a facebook.

i think its Key and Onew

He doesn't... i know that jonghyun and key does.

Out of all the SHINee fans I know, most people like either Minho or Key. Personally, I LOVE Taemin. But most people usually like Minho or Key. I'm a HUGE SHINee fan and I love them all!! Love Key and Taemin's new haircuts in the Lucifer MV!! <3

Key's called Almighty Key because he can sing, dance and rap well :)

if you mean in the group it's Key!!

No they're not brothers. Key only has one older sister.

Yes. He specializes in popping, locking, waving, and more. Key from SHINee is also known for his powerful dances as well.

Yes, members are required to have a Facebook account to log into Answers, and must have a Facebook account to create an account (excluding members that already have had an account before the change was implemented). +++ REALLY? I am glad I started my Answers "account" a couple of years ago. I have no Facebook account. I have never had a Facebook account. I never will have a Facebook account. I refuse to use Facebook because I know its purpose in "life"!

No he does not have Facebook account

No, he does not have a Facebook account.

No, you have to have an account to go on facebook.

You activate a cancelled account on Facebook by logging into the Facebook account with the previous details.

Facebook can only connect people who join facebook. If you do not have a facebook account, no one can "have" you on facebook.

Can't access my Facebook account or email from facebook

I only know that Jonghyun and Key are fans of Justin Bieber. :)

Yes he has a facebook account.

hay how do you reset your facebook account