Does Sakura die in tsubasa

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes she dose she gets stabed by the real syoran and clone storan it is in the anime if you want to see it typ in Tsubasa Shunraiki Sakura's Death but do not worry she does come back to life in the end.

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Q: Does Sakura die in tsubasa
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What is the difference between Tsubasa and Cardcaptors Sakura?

Basically Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the characters in Tsubasa. The story is different but Sakura is still the main character in the 2.

What episode does Sakura Kinomoto and Princess Sakura meet in tsubasa?

In episode one trillion and five.

What anime has sakura and syaoran as main characters?

Card Captor Sakura (Children) Tsubasa Chronicle (Young man and woman)

What came first Xxxholic or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle?

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle comes before XXXHolic. Oh and by the way, Cardcaptor Sakura comes before Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

Is the author of Tsubasa Chronicles and Cardcaptor sakura is the same person?

yes, it is the same.

Is the Sakura in Tsubasa the same Sakura in Cardcaptors?

Actually, they are technically the same. CLAMP has something called the "CLAMP Universe", and often times they recycle their characters. The Sakura and Syaoran in Tsubasa have the same hearts (or souls) as those in Cardcaptors, but live in a different dimension. So, confusing as it is, they are the same, but not the same.

Will Cardcaptor Sakura ever be continued not including tsubasa?

Nope.. We All Wiish It Would =[

What is a sakura?

A "Sakura" is a Japanese cherryblossom tree that sprouts pink flowers around the spring time. you often here the name sakura for Japanese manga characters such as sakura from tsubasa or naruto. when used as a name, sakura just means cherryblossom.

Is Saoyran Li of Cardcaptor Sakura and Saoyran Li of Tsubasa Revisior Chronicles father and son?

No, this are different stories, in fact in tsubasa you can found all the clamp characters

In tsubasa chronicles who dies?

Clone Syaoran, Clone Sakura, Fei Wong Reed, Yuuko

Who is Fei Wang from Tsubasa?

"Fei wang reed" is the villain in "Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLe" he made Clone!Syaoran and wants Sakura's body, to put Yuuko's soul in it, so she can continue living. Sakura turns out to be Clone!Sakura. and Fei wang reed dies like the clones dies. The explanation of this will continue in xxxHOLIC.

On tsubasa chronicle at the very end of the manga does sakura and Sharon see each other?

yes and they love eachother.