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Will any who answer this please include a citation? Thanks.

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Q: Does Sarah Palin own a dog?
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Does Sarah Palin have a dog?

Yes, Sarah Palin has two dogs named Jake and Alexis

Is Sarah palin an organization?

Sarah Palin is a person but she does have her own organization called SarahPac.

Does Sarah Palin own an airplane?


What kind of dog does Sarah Palin have?

Sarah and her family have a Shih Tzu named Daisy.

How old was Sarah palin when she had track palin?

Sarah Palin was 25 when she had Track Palin.

Why is Sarah Palin admired?

Those who admire Sarah Palin find her to be an eloquent and courageous spokesperson for their own political beliefs. Those who have different beliefs find Sarah Palin to be much less admirable.

What is Sarah Palin's birth name?

Sarah Palin's birth name is Sarah Louise Palin.

What brand of motorhome does Sarah palin own?

Country Coach

Does Sarah palin do drugs?

No, Sarah Palin does not do drugs.

Intreseating facts about Sarah palin?

Sarah Palin is a politician who was the ninth governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin is also an author, actress, and former news journalist. She also had her own reality show for a season that was about her home life.

What is Sarah palin's race?

Yes, Sarah Palin is Caucasian.

What is Sarah palin's age?

In 2008 Sarah Palin will be 44.

What is Sarah Palin's full name?

Sarah Louise Palin

What is Sarah Palin's party affiliation?

Sarah Palin is a Republican.

When did Sarah Palin die?

Sarah Palin has not died yet

Was Sarah palin?

Sarah Palin had served as governor of Alaska

Is Sarah Palin a witch?

There is no evidence that Sarah Palin is a witch.

How short is Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin is speculated to be about 5'5.

What is Sarah's birth name?

Sarah Palin's birth name is Sarah Louise Palin.

When is Sarah Palin's Anniversary?

when is sarah and todd palin's wedding anniversary?

Who is in Sarah palin's family?

Sarah Palin has 5 children. ~KillerWiz232

What Sarah Palin's religion?

Sarah Palin is a wonderful person and she is a Christian!

What is the address for Sarah Palin in Alaska?

What is Sarah Palin's address in Alaska?

What are the names of Sarah palin's grandchildren?

Sarah Palin only has one grandchild named Tripp. His mother is Bristol Palin, who is Sarah Palin's second eldest child.

What is the birth name of Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin's birth name is Sarah Louise Heath.