Does Saske die

Updated: 9/13/2023
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no sasuke does not die

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Q: Does Saske die
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Will saske die?

i dont think so but people say he did just keep wathching naruto

Do Naruto and sasuke both die when they fight for the last time in part 2?

Nope only Saske does

Does Saske like Sakura?

kyndra lei:maybe yes he and sakura do have love saske....but.........saske im not sure.......i hope yes.....

IS Saske dies?


How old is saske?

he is 13

How does saske in Naruto?

What? And It's Sasuke

Can you get the new saske in Naruto 4 Shippuden?


Will saske kiss sakura?

no sasuke will NOT kiss sakura..........

Where can you find the episodes where naruto and saske fight?

Does saske like karin?

i would say no but i am not positive =)

What are The Name of the characters in basara 2 heroes?


Is saske gay?

yeah sasuke is gay :P