Planet Saturn
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Does Saturn have 11 moons?

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Saturn has 62 moons.

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Which planet Has 24 moons and 11 rings?


Is there moons on Saturn?

there no moons on saturn but yes it does have 61 moons

Does Saturn have 4 moons?

Saturn has 62 moons.

Does Saturn have 20 moons?

Saturn has 62 moons.

Does Saturn have ten moons?

Saturn has 62 moons.

How manyof moons does Saturn have?

Saturn has 18 moons

Describe the moons orbiting Saturn?

Saturn has moons that sure round it and the moons go in circles around Saturn.

How many moons belong to Saturn?

Saturn has 23 moons.

Does Saturn have 19 moons?

Saturn has 62 named moons.

Does Saturn have 24 moons?

No. Saturn has 62 known moons.

Does Saturn have 62 moons?

Yes, Saturn has 62 moons.

Is their moons orbiting Saturn?

There are several moons orbiting Saturn.

What is the number of observed moons does Saturn have?

Saturn has 62 moons.

Which planet has more moons Saturn or Venus?

Venus has no moons, Saturn does. So, the answer is Saturn.

Does Venus' or Saturn have more moons?

Saturn has more moons. Venus does not have any moons.

Four moons of Saturn?

Actually, Saturn has atleast 18 moons.

How many moons does the palnet Saturn have?

Saturn has a total of 60 moons .

Uranus has three fewer moons than Saturn they have altogether thirty-three moons how many moons does Saturn have?

Based on this riddle, Saturn has 18 moons.

Does Saturn have most moons?

No, Jupiter has the most number of moons with 63 moons. Saturn is only the second with a number of 61 moons.

Which planets has more moons Venus or Saturn?

Saturn. Venus has none, Saturn has over 60 moons.

Do the moons of Saturn orbit Saturn on the Rings of Saturn?

ON, no. IN ... there are several moons that are embedded within the ring system.

Which planet has more moons venus or Saturn?

Saturn because Venus has no moons!

What planet has more moons Saturn or Venus?

Saturn, since Venus has no moons

How many major moons does Saturn have?

The planet Saturn has about 60 known moons.

Does Jupiter or Saturn have the most moons?

Jupiter has more moons than Saturn.

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