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No information indicates that Selena Gomez has a Moshi Monsters account or that she plays. However, some people have created and use accounts with celebrity names such as Selena Gomez.

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1. Selena Gomez doesn't have an account on moshi monsters. 2. You can't hack her, if she doesn't have an account. 3. Hacking is wrong- stop trying to hack celebs and get a life! 4. Thank you for reading this. :) She does have a moshi monsters account her name is selena_marie_gomez2& her other is selena_marie_gomez_5 so you cant prove anything! :D!

some people says the her account is sml_green but i don't think that is the real Selena Gomez i think that she don't have these are kids games why do she want to play it

just type in mollie-mayx she's Selena Gomez

It is possible that someone could hack your account on Moshi Monsters. However, hacking someone's account is against the Moshi Monsters rules and Moshi Monsters has many safety measures in place to prevent someone from hacking into an account. If you think someone has hacked your Moshi Monsters account, change your password and report the incident to Moshi Monsters.

A Moshi is what the monsters are called: "Moshi Monsters". You can not catch a Moshi Monster, you adopt a Moshi Monster when you start your Moshi Monsters account. Choose carefully as you can not change your Moshi Monster once you have verified the account.

You can not get a Moshi Monsters account unless you have an email. Moshi Monsters needs to be able to authorize your account and communicate with you and they can not do that unless you or your parents have an email account.

If you have not used your account for awhile, you should be able to log in with your password and username. If you had a paid Moshi Members account and the subscription has run out, your account will be a free basic account with limited access to Moshi Monsters. You will have to pay for another subscription to get the Moshi Member account back. If you can not log in to you Moshi Monsters account, you can contact Moshi Monsters using their Contact Us web page.If access to your Moshi Monsters account was suspended, you have to wait until they allow you to access your account again. If your Moshi Monsters account was terminated, removed, or canceled, you can not get it back again as Moshi Monsters will have deleted it.

Mr. Moshi (Michael Acton Smith) has a Moshi Monsters account, however, he rarely visits his account.

No, that is against the Moshi Monsters rules.

you will not be allowed on your moshi monsters account

Yes, her account name is dayacolemanswagg and Bella Thorne , Kenton Duty , Caroline sunshine, Bridget Mendler and Selena Gomez are all her friends! So y not add her today ?

No, you can not erase Moshi Monsters, however, if you quit playing Moshi Monsters you can ask the Moshi Monsters staff to delete your account.

No. Once you have paid for a membership on Moshi Monsters, you can not transfer the paid membership to another account.

why dont you ask her on moshi monsters, her owner name is 1selenagomez, and i also talk to her on her twitter which is certified!

You can not switch your stuff to another account on Moshi Monsters.

You can not link any accounts in Moshi Monsters.

If you do not activate your Moshi Monsters account, the information will be deleted after a certain amount of time.

selena gomez justin bieber harrey styles lady gaga the bloos usher the black eye pees

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. If you use cheats, you will lose your Moshi Monsters account.

You can only have one Moshi Monster per account.

There are over 20 million Moshi Monsters in Monstro City.

No. Cheating is against the Terms and Conditions of Moshi Monsters and could cause you to lose your Moshi Monsters account.

No. Hacking is against the Moshi Monsters rules and you will lose your Moshi Monsters account if you try to hack it.

Cheating/hacking is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. You will lose your Moshi Monsters account if you cheat or hack.

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