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No. Social Security pays cash benefits and makes disabled and retired people eligible for Medicare, medical insurance available through the US government. Medicare does not pay for elective procedures, like Liposuction.

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Q: Does Social Security pay for liposuction?
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Do state workers in PA get social security?

They get a fat bonus, social security, 5 times their last 3 years pay and they pay no taxes. Then they get a company car and a home in the Virgin Islands and on top of it maid service and every 5 years liposuction.

Do you pay social security out of uc check?

does unemployment check pay into social security

How much did you pay in to social security 1937-1979?

How much did i pay into social security

Do my husband pay social security on his employee?

should my husband pay social security on his employee

Do you pay social security tax when drawing social security?


Do Illinois teachers pay in to social security?

Illinois teachers do not pay into social security. They pay into Teachers Retirement System.

How do younger workers pay for social security benefits to retired workers?

Workers pay a social security tax out of their pay checks.

How do you pay into Social Security?

Social Security is deducted from a worker's paycheck by their employer.

Do kids pay social security tax?

no im pretty sure you have to be 18 to pay social security tax

Do the Catholic schools in Ohio pay into Ohio pay Social Security?

Any employer must pay into Social Security, I don't believe that states have their own Social Security, that's a national program.

Can a person that has paid in to Social Security for years then goes to prison collect Social Security?

No. Social Security does not pay prisoners.

Does Social Security pay death benefits?

If you are the primary person on Social Security in your family, they pay a $255 benefit. If you are not the above, then no.

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