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Does Spencer like you?

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It may be hard to determine if a boy or girl likes you. They may talk to you or they may be shy and not very talkative. He or she may ask you to do things or make a point to be where they know you will be.

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Does Chris Brown like samella Spencer?

does chris brown like samella Spencerdoes chris brown like samella Spencer

Does Holden like Mr. Spencer?

he hates mr Spencer he thinks he a phony

Is there an app like what Spencer had on iCarly?


What is a good name to go with Spencer?

Girl Names for Spencer!Spencer AlaiyneSpencer PaigeSpencer LeeSpencer DanielleSpencer ElizabethSpencer BrookeSpencer ShelbyBoy Names for Spencer!Spencer RyanSpencer JamesSpencer LaneSpencer ChaseSpencer ColeSpencer JaceSpencer Scott

Why does Lauren hate Spencer?

Lauren hates Spencer because Spencer tried to turn Heidi against Lauren. He was also very mean to Heidi and never let her do what she wanted. Because Lauren was Heidi's friend, she didn't like the way Spencer acted towards women. She especially didn't like it that Spencer always had a wandering eye.

Why is Lara Spencer using the name Spencer and not her own or her husbands?

because she probably doesn't like his last name

Who looks like Troian Bellisario?

Spencer Hastings?

Does Toby like Spencer?

I think he does because they kissed

Where can you get a blowgun like from iCarly?

I've heard that Carly's brother, Spencer, who is an artist made the blowguns for them. It seems like something Spencer would do. However, I'm not completely sure.

In icarly does the helmet that Spencer has looks like a ladybug?


Is Spencer from the hills on drugs?

no he's not on drugs but he acts like it

Does Spencer like Sam on iCarly?

As a friend...yes. As a crush...NO!

Does Justin Bieber look like Spencer of hollyoaks?

No no no, Definitely not!

Where is the Spencer Branch in Spencer located?

The address of the Spencer Branch is: 105 Park St., Spencer, 54479 0398

How did they make baby Spencer on iCarly?

They have a "cot" which Spencer has his body in. You can't see him because it has blankets to hide him. Spencer has his head through a hole that has a baby body so it looks a bit like he's a baby! Does this help? Hope it does!

Where is the Spencer Library in Spencer located?

The address of the Spencer Library is: 41 North Main Street, Spencer, 14883 0305

What nicknames does Bud Spencer go by?

Bud Spencer goes by Bud Spencer.

Why did Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry invent post it notes?

They felt like it.

Why did Spencer lee make a wall out of peanut butter?

because he felt like it!

Did Toby like one of the girls in Pretty Little Liars?

He did go out with Spencer ;)

What is Princess Diana's brother's name?

By coincidence, Diana's younger brother, like her former husband, is also named Charles: Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer.

What episode did Spencer kill Mona in Pretty Little Liars?

The same one A's Mona's party like 8,9,10 but Spencer didn't kill her...Mona fell

What is the birth name of Spencer Redford?

Spencer Redford's birth name is Jessica Spencer.

What is the birth name of Spencer Haywood?

Spencer Haywood's birth name is Spencer Haywood.

What was the sexual orientation of John Spencer 8th Earl Spencer?

John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer, who was Princess Diana's father, was straight.

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