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In looking at the various forums where people are requesting information on Steel Seal I see lots of, "Oh that can't be any good," or "None of that sort of thing works," presented by people who obviously never witnessed it tried. Because my experience was positive, I thought I would relate it. My 97 Mercury blew a head gasket a week ago, and displayed the classic symptoms. It blew water from the radiator cap, missed badly on one cylinder if the engine idled, and when started with the radiator cap off showed a stream of bubbles breaking the surface of the water in the fill tank.

I called my mechanic and asked if it was worth fixing, since the car had little street value. His response was no, because, aside from the expense, that model has a history of reacting to a head-gasket replacement by having a rod bearing failure only a few weeks later, so investing over a thousand dollars, to still have a fifty-fifty chance of it being wasted money made no sense. I was about to junk the car, but did a search on the problem, hoping someone might have a solution. That's when I learned of the various sealer compounds for head-gaskets. After a good bit of research I settled on Steel Seal because it didn't seem to require anything special in the way of preparation. Other compounds insist that the bad cylinder be determined and the spark plug removed. One insisted that that the radiator be power-flushed to remove all traces of anti-freeze. I was skeptical, and really thought I was wasting my money, but for under $80, including shipping, I thought it was worth a try. After all, if it worked for five thousand miles, that was four or five car payments saved. All I actually did was to pour it in and idle the engine, then go back to driving the car. Beats junking the car by a mile.

Response to above... Steel Seal is a product that requires under certain circumstances that you detemine which cylinder the head gasket is leaking into. If all the writer had to do was pour the product into the cooling system, then idle the engine...., it's highly probable he had in fact used K-Seal, rather than Steel Seal.

See .

This product may work on some cars but if you have a high compression motor it probably will not. I tried it in my Toyota Supra and it did nothing. And that money back guarantee they offer it isn't any good if they never answer the phone or your emails I have been trying to get my money back for the past two months and haven't heard a word from them. If you have a beater car that you don't care too much about I would say go for it. If you have a nice car trust them if you want but before you do try calling them see if you get an answer. Try sending out an email see what happens.

I tried it on my 1989 Ford Mustang and it worked great! No problems at all. I have to admit I didn't think it would. I asked around before I bought it and got about a 50/50 response from friends, most of which had never used it and couldn't see how it could possibly work. But it did. I recommend it.

I have a 1990 Winnebago LeSharo motorhome with a Renault 2.2liter aluminum fuel injected gasoline engine. In November 2009 it suffered what my mechanic diagnosed as a blown head gasket OR cracked OR warped head. Unwilling to spend the money to fix it, I parked it in my driveway. Then in July of 2010 I heard about and subsequently decided to try Steel Seal. I am very pleased to say that as of July 31, 2010 I have driven the LeSharo for 1182 miles without a problem since I treated it with Steel Seal. In my opinion I have to say that it works! And incidentally, I've found their email support to be exemplary. Brian Hipple in customer service has been very responsive with me about my questions

I have an EType Jaguar and spent all yesterday and 70 pounds on steel seal and followed the directions exactly to no avail. This stuff might stop seepage, but so do much cheaper products. Will have to put this one down to experience and remove the head, there will be no money back as of course they will say that the instructions were not followed correctly, save your money, this is snake oil.


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Q: Does Steel Seal work as advertised?
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