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Does Stella Hudgens have a boyfriend?

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Q: Does Stella Hudgens have a boyfriend?
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Stella Hudgens has boyfriend?


How old is Stella Hudgens' boyfriend?

As of June 2014, Stella Hudgens is dating Alec Holden. Alec was born on June 8, 1995.

Is Stella hudgens and Noah Cyrus real best friendsdoes Stella hudgen have a boyfriend?

yes Stella and Noah are best friends Stella and Noah both have boyfriends not just Stella

What is the Full Name of Stella Hudgens?

Stella Teodora Hudgens.

What is Stella Hudgens webkinz username?

what is Stella Hudgens webkinz username

Stella hudgens full name?

Stella Teodora Guangco Hudgens

Does Stella hudgens have a sister?

Stella Hudgens does NOT have a famous sister from HSM named Vanessa Hudgens! So she does NOT!

What is Stella hudgen full name?

it's not Stella Anne Hudgens It's Stella teodora Hudgens

Is Stella Hudgens boyfriend named Matthew?

"19 yr old Matthew Dahl from Canada"

Is Stella hudgens 15?

no Stella Hudgens is 13 turning 14 in November

Is Stella hudgens famous?

Nope Stella Hudgens is not famous only vanessa is

Who is Stella hudgens does she look abitt like Vanessa Hudgens?

Stella hudgens is vanessa hudgens sister she looks abitt like vanessa

Who is Stella Hudgens?

Stella Hudgens is Vanessa Hudgen's (actress/singer) younger sibling.

Who is Stella hudgens best mate?

Stella Hudgens best mate is: Natalie Ordonez.

Is Stella Hudgens like Vanessa Hudgens?

Yes! Stella Hudgens First Idol Is Here Sister Baby V...........

Is Stella Hudgens anorexic?

No, Stella Hudgens is not an anorexic person. She is the little sister of the actress Vanessa Hudgens. She is also an actress.

Do Stella hudgens her boyfriend kiss?

No. Well she dose now she is dating Harry Styles from One Direction

Does Stella Hudgens have an iPhone?

No, Stella does have a Blackberry!

What religion is vannesa hudgens?

I f Stella Hudgens is a catholic so is Vanessa I f Stella Hudgens is a catholic so is Vanessa

Does Stella hudgens wear thongs?

Stella Hudgens is the younger sister of the actress, Vanessa Hudgens. It is not known as to whether she wears thongs or not.

Is Vanessa Hudgens little sister Shanice Hudgens?

no, its Stella hudgens!

What is Stella hudgens MySpace?

Stella hudgens has a myspace, but she keeps it a secret. soiamstellar is NOTTTTT Stellahudgens. it is a poser. Stella got hacked on that account, so that hacker/poser took over faking Stella. so don't be fooled my soiamstellar. cause that IS NOT Stella.

Who is Vanessa anne hudgens sister?

stella hudgens

What does Stella Hudgens look like?

Vanessa Hudgens.

What are facts about Stella Hudgens?

Sister of Vanessa Hudgens