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Tekken 5 does not play on the Xbox 360. The game was released for the PlayStation 2. The sequel to the game, Tekken 6 can be purchased for the Xbox 360.


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it is on the Xbox 360 and the play station 3 consoles

The answer is simple. The Xbox 360 is more advanced, so it can still play the older games from the Xbox. The Xbox doesn't have the technology to play the 360 games. Say you learned to ride a bike at age 5, and learned to drive a car at age 15 at age 15, you can still ride a bike, because you learned it way back, and you can drive as well, but at age 5, you could only ride the bike Xbox 360 = 15 Xbox = 5

You can't play as Jinpachi in Tekken 5.

in Tekken 6 the characters from Tekken 5 are still there and their moves are not changed actually but some additions so you can play Tekken 6 as how you play Tekken 5 but in Tekken 6 the bounce thing is introduced where you can make the opponent bounce on the ground and you can continue your juggle from there.

Yes there is an Xbox 360 edition.

You cannot play Tekken 5 on PC, as it is a PS3 game and it would be illegal to put it in an emulator.

You can play multiplayer on minecraft for Xbox 360 edition by using MATTIS. This enables even 5 players play from one server. For more details on how to play it, check the related links section below.

You can't play as Jinpachi on the PS2 version of Tekken 5. You need Gameshark/Action Replay in order to do so. You can play as Jinpachi on the PS3 version of Tekken 5 though.

by tekken you mean tekken 5 dark resurrection for ps3?? you need a ps3 and have to download the game from the playstation store - you can play this game online

It depends on the console. I play on XBOX 360 and that requires a XBOX live membership and a working access point.

The Xbox 360 will probably not be relevant in five years.

yes you can play co-op locally (same xbox 360)

It's not out for the wii :( If you want to play it I suggest getting a ps3 or xbox 360.

when will call of duty 5 future warfare come out on xbox 360?

You can't unlock him any more. You can't play as Gun Jack in Tekken 5.

The arcade, playstation, or tekken 5 which has the first three tekkens on there.

No you need gold to play any multiplayer online, only 5 dollars a month tho..

You will have to be on a certain mission to play the cop mod on GTA. GTA is a type of game.

Only some of the original xbox games work, if you have some just try them all, thats what i did... but only about 5 out of 32 worked.

No, you cannot play split screen online on CoD 5.

NOPE did u no u can play jinpachi on tekken 5 dr in PSP

i have a PC code and willing 2 swap for xbox 360 code

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