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there's no official sequel. But That Was Then, This Is Now, is often said to be because it contains references to characters in The Outsiders (including Ponyboy Curtis, Curly and Tim Shepard and a couple more), and is written by the same author.

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What follows sequels?

I think more sequels.

Which horror movie has the most sequels?

Strictly counting sequels & not the remakes/reboots, the Puppet Master franchise has the most sequels with 12 movies.

What movie had 13 sequels?

Currently [2017] there aren't any movie franchises that have just 13 sequels.

How many Harry Potter sequels are there?

There are seven books in the series which means six of them are sequels.

How many movie sequels do they have for exorcist?

They have three sequels. How ever they have other exorcist movies.

How many pages does First Among Sequels have?

First Among Sequels has 416 pages.

How many sequels does twilight have?

Twighlight has 3 sequels. They are New Moon, Beaking Dawn, and Eclipse.

What is a movie that had 2 sequels?

starwars had at least five sequels and Indiana Jones had at least two.

How many sequels are there to 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'?

There are 13 sequels to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

How many sequels does star wars have?

Currently there are 2 sequels to Star Wars and 3 prequels, but quite a few more sequels are being released in the next few years.

What company created Kingdom Hearts and its sequels?

Disney and Square Enix created Kingdom Hearts and its sequels.

What is the ISBN of First Among Sequels?

The ISBN of First Among Sequels is 978-0-340-835753.

How many sequels have been made for the movie Amityville Horror?

The first Amityville film, titled 'The Amityville Horror' has spawned a wide variety of sequels. From 1982 to 2013, there have been a grand total of 9 sequels.

How many sequels were made of the movie Back to the Future?

There were only 2 sequels, 3 total Back To The Future movies

What movie has the most sequels?

Huang Fei-hong zhuan: Bian feng mie zhu (1949). It has a total of 88 sequels.

Amovie that starts with the letter h?

Halloween (and sequels), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (and sequels), Holes, Hoot, Huck & the King of Hearts.

Who were being outsiders in the novel The outsiders?

In The Outsiders, the greasers would be considered the outsiders. They were not popular or thought of as regular members of society.

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