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Yes she does and she lives in Miami,Fl [ I have met her sister before ]

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โˆ™ 2010-01-02 19:20:23
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Q: Does Trina have an sister
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Are Boosie and Trina brother and sister?


Is trina your sister in real life?

no only in victorious

What is Victoria sister name in victorious?

Trina Vega

Is Trina related to the game?

they must be brother and sister.

What is toris older sister called in victorious?

her name is Trina vega

How old is Trina Braxton?

Trina Braxton is 43 years old (birthdate December 3, 1974). She is the sister of Toni Braxton.

Who plays tori's sister in victorious?

Daniella Monet

Who is in Sidney crosbeys family?

Sidney's parent are Troy and Trina and he has a sister named Taylor.

What is Victoria Justices sisters name?

Victoria Justice sister is Madison justice, just like in the movie called victorious, trina is her sister.

Is Trina and and tori really sister?

NOPE ! the are not. You can tell by their behaviors. But someone might think that That Jade and Trina are sisters but the thing is that Jade is way meaner than how girls should really be

Who is Sidney Crosby's dad?

Troy Crosby his sister is Taylor mom is Trina

What co-star in victorious always borrows clothes from Victoria?

Trina,Tori's big sister!

What does Daniella Monet play in?

Daniella Monet co-stars in Victorious as Trina Vega who is Tori's sister

Who is Tori's sister from victorious?

Her name is Trina and she's a year older. She's played by Daniella Monet.

How old is Trina from Victorious?

Trina Vega (the character) is 17, sister Tori is 16. The actress playing Trina, Daniella Monet, was born March 1, 1989 and was already 21 years old when the show debuted in March, 2010.

Does Tori Vega have a sister?

Yes, in the show Victorious, Tori's sister is Trina Vega, who is played by Daniella Monet. Now if you mean in real life, Victoria Justice's sister is Madison Justice.

In the show victorious what is Tori's sister name?

Her name on the show is Trina Vega but in real life its Daniella Monet...

What month was Trina born in?

Trina who?

Who did Trina have a baby with?

Trina has no children.

What is the birth name of Trina Koning?

Trina Koning's birth name is Trina Koning.

What is the birth name of Trina Martelli?

Trina Martelli's birth name is Trina Rizzo.

What is the birth name of Trina McGee?

Trina McGee's birth name is Trina McGee.

What is the birth name of Trina Braxton?

Trina Braxton's birth name is Trina Evette Braxton.

How tall is Trina?

Trina is 5' 2.

Where does Trina live?

trina lives in miami

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