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Ukraine has a president as well as a prime minister. This is a fairly recent development, however. Most of modern Ukraine was ruled by the Russian Empire until 1918, which was ruled by a tsar, and then under the Soviet Union, headed by a "President."

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Q: Does Ukraine have a king queen tsar or president?
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Is russia ruled by a king president emperor or queen?

Russia is ruled by a government with a prime minister at the top of it . It has a President as well. So Russia is a republic. (Previously, until 1917, it was a monarchy - the monarch was called a tsar .)

Who would be king of Russia?

Russia is a republic, so it has a president, not a king. It did have a Tsar, similar to a King, up to 1917.

What connects George V Nicholas II and Wilhelm II?

Two of King George V's first cousins were Tsar Nicholas of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm was the grandson of Queen Victoria, so was King George. Tsar Nicholas was the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark, so was King George. So, the Kaiser and the Tsar were related to King George, but the Tsar was not as closely related to the Kaiser.

What do you call a Russian queen?

Czar (also spelled Tsar) is equivalent to King, and Czarina is Queen. NB: these positions were dropped after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Who was the president of Russia before World War 1?

Before WW1, until 1917 in fact, Russia was ruled by the Roamanov dynasty, the Tsar was the Head of State. Tsar is a title like King or Emperor and is derived from Caesar. There was no such thing as a president in Russia then. The last Tsar was Nicholas II.

Who was tsar of Russia when Abraham Lincoln was president?

This tsar was Alexandr II.

What is an pharoh?

a pharoah is the title given to a ruler of ancient egypt. emperor, king, tsar, president etc would be synonyms.

Another name for ruler?

Male: King Female: Queen One can also use the word monarch.

Is a tsar a king?


Tsar Nicholas II was married to the granddaughter of what Queen?

Tsar Nicholas II married Alix,( later had her name changed to Alexandra. ) who was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Was Tsar Nicholas II Queen Victoria's son?


What are the different types of rulers for a country?

Dictator, Emperor, President, Prime Minister, Queen or King....Alsoamir, archduke, Caesar, calif, chief, Dalai Lama, Chancellor, Kaiser, Great Mogul, Maharaj, Pharoah, Shah, sheik, tsar, rajah, pope