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Does Urs Buhler have a girlfriend?

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If you want updated information, do your research. In 2011 there are pictures of him kissing a beautiful blonde all over LA and not hiding it. Guess he likes blondes.

He broke up with Tania Nov 11

AnswerYes, he has a Girlfriend called Valerie, but, he's not married yet.

He is no longer with Valerie. They split up last year. He has a new girlfriend called Tania Rodney.

This is ANCIENT 2 years ago - he has since been with Tania - Il Divo's makeup girl and since split with her. He has been seen in London since the new

year (2008) outside their recording studio snuggling up with someone new!

In December, 2007 he was seen in Willasau, Switzerland (his hometown) by an eye witness there, with a much younger, very beautiful blond, green eyed portuguese woman. They were together and very close and loving. So far we still do not know her name, but will post here when more info. is known.

Wrong. Your information is incorrect.

Urs has not split with Tania. They were seen in Newcastle, UK attending a play written by Tania's sister. This can be confirmed on the Il Divo website in the Lounge. Also posted is a beautiful picture of them together very happy. Bless them and their life together. He is a beautiful and VERY talented man and deserves all the best as he has made many others happy with his music and elegant style.

It was announced in August 2008 that Urs and Tania are expecting their first baby.

Their beautiful baby girl was born December 2008.

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Urs Buhler new girlfriend?

It is not known who Urs Buhler is currently dating. Urs Buhler does have a child with a previous girlfriend, Tania who was born in 2008.

Is tanya Rodney urs buhler girlfriend or grandmother?


Do you have a picture of urs buhler and his girlfriend?

We don't know who is Urs Buhler real girlfriend. Kelly Phelan, or Erika Barkolova, or somebody else. When we solved this problem, we can find pics of them on internet.

What is the birth name of Urs Buhler?

Urs Buhler's birth name is Urs Toni Buhler.

Urs buhler photo of daughter?

You can find a pic of Urs child Billie on Facebook Urs Buhler page.

Do Urs Buhler and his girlfriend have a baby?

Urs and Taia have never made a public announcement but it is speculated that they have a baby daughter, born last December.

Where can you find images of Urs Buhler and his new girlfriend in Los Angeles?

On Facebook. New Urs girlfriend is Erika. She is from Bratislava, Slovakia. She is 35, devorced and has two kids. She is blondie.

Does Urs Buhler from Il Divo and his girlfriend Tania Rodney have a baby?

Yes, the baby is now born.

Where does urs buhler live?


Does urs buhler have children?


Is urs buhler gay?

yes he is

How tall is urs from il divo?

Urs Buhler is1.78 mtr tall

Is urs buhler still married?

Urs Buhler never had been married. He has new girlfriend Erika Barkolova, born 17 september 1977. in Bratislava. She's devorced and has two kids. They met on may 14. 2012.

Why is Urs Buhler's from Il Divo girlfriend Tania Rodney looks so old in pictures and also in video which is his real age?

Urs Buhler will be 38 on July 19, 2009.

Did you find out who is the blond new girl of Urs Buhler of Il Divo?

He hasn't got a new girlfriend, he is still with Tania...who is blond!

Is urs buhler getting married?

Not that he knows of LOL

How tall is urs buhler from il divo?

Urs Buhler from the group Il Divo is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He a born in 1971 in the country of Switzerland.

Is Urs Buhler engaged?

There has been no official notice of an engagement by him as of this date 12-1-08. He only refers to his live in girlfriend as his "English" girlfriend, and never fiancee.

Are tania Rodney and urs buhler getting married?

"Not a chance!"

Did urs buhler and tania Rodney break up?


How tall is urs buhler?

He is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Are Urs Buhler and Tania Randy going to marry?

If they are it probably won't be made public, Urs is a very private person.

Does Urs Buhler have other children?

Oui, Urs Buhler et Tania Rodney sont parents depuis début décembre 2008. Vous n'avez qu'à regarder sur Il Divo Press.

Did Tania Rodney and Urs Buhler marry?

Absolutely not married to the makeup artist.

Is it true that Urs Buhler and Tania Rodney are expecting a baby?

The baby is now born.