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Does Urs Buhler have a girlfriend?


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July 31, 2012 11:43PM

If you want updated information, do your research. In 2011 there are pictures of him kissing a beautiful blonde all over LA and not hiding it. Guess he likes blondes.

He broke up with Tania Nov 11


Yes, he has a Girlfriend called Valerie, but, he's not married yet.

He is no longer with Valerie. They split up last year. He has a new girlfriend called Tania Rodney.

This is ANCIENT 2 years ago - he has since been with Tania - Il Divo's makeup girl and since split with her. He has been seen in London since the new

year (2008) outside their recording studio snuggling up with someone new!

In December, 2007 he was seen in Willasau, Switzerland (his hometown) by an eye witness there, with a much younger, very beautiful blond, green eyed portuguese woman. They were together and very close and loving. So far we still do not know her name, but will post here when more info. is known.

Wrong. Your information is incorrect.

Urs has not split with Tania. They were seen in Newcastle, UK attending a play written by Tania's sister. This can be confirmed on the Il Divo website in the Lounge. Also posted is a beautiful picture of them together very happy. Bless them and their life together. He is a beautiful and VERY talented man and deserves all the best as he has made many others happy with his music and elegant style.

It was announced in August 2008 that Urs and Tania are expecting their first baby.

Their beautiful baby girl was born December 2008.